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Official Buzzed (Drinking Game) Rules

Buzzed is a fun, easy-to-play drinking game designed to liven up parties and social gatherings. It's intended for players aged 21 and older, as it involves consuming alcohol. Here's how to play:


The objective of Buzzed is to follow the instructions on the cards, leading to fun interactions and, often, drinking!


1. Players: Gather a group of friends (3 or more players recommended).

2. Drinks: Ensure each player has a drink of their choice.


  1. Shuffle the Deck:

    • Thoroughly shuffle the deck of Buzzed cards.

  2. Draw a Card:

    • The player who most recently drank alcohol starts the game by drawing the top card from the deck.

    • Players take turns drawing cards in a clockwise direction.

  3. Read the Card Aloud:

    • The player who draws the card reads it aloud to the group.

    • Each card contains a prompt or instruction that players must follow. These prompts typically involve taking drinks based on certain criteria or completing fun challenges.

  4. Follow the Instructions:

    • Players follow the instructions on the card. Examples of typical prompts include:

      • "Take a drink if you’ve ever been skydiving."

      • "Everyone with brown eyes takes a drink."

      • "The person to your right takes a drink."

      • "Everyone votes on who is the best dancer. The winner takes a drink."

    • If the card's instruction involves drinking, players must take the required number of sips from their drink.

Winning the Game

  • The game continues with each player taking turns drawing and reading cards.

  • There is no set end to the game; players can decide to stop whenever they wish or when the deck runs out of cards (or if they get too drunk!).

Variations/Special Rules

1. Custom Cards

  • Personalized Prompts: Create your own cards with prompts specific to your friend group for inside jokes or memorable moments.

  • Dares and Challenges: Add cards with fun dares or physical challenges that players must complete.

2. Drinking Variations

  • Special Shots: Include a rule where certain cards require players to take a shot of a special drink, such as a unique cocktail or a themed shot.

  • Drink Roulette: Set up a drink roulette wheel with various types of drinks. Players spin the wheel and take a sip or shot of whatever it lands on when prompted by certain cards.

3. Prizes and Penalties

  • Rewards: Offer small prizes for completing certain challenges or for the last person standing without having broken any rules.

  • Penalties: Introduce fun penalties for players who break the rules, such as having to wear a funny hat or perform a silly task.

4. Speed Rounds

  • Timer Challenges: Use a timer to add urgency to certain prompts. For example, a player might have 30 seconds to name five types of beer or perform a quick dance routine.

  • Rapid Fire: Introduce rounds where players must quickly answer questions or complete challenges within a set time limit.

5. Custom Rules

  • House Rules: Create a set of house rules that apply only to your group. For example, anyone who uses their phone during the game must take a drink.

  • Secret Roles: Assign secret roles or missions to players that they must complete during the game without being caught (e.g., getting someone to say a specific word).

6. Endgame Twist

  • Sudden Death Round: At the end of the game, introduce a sudden death round where the stakes are higher and the prompts are more intense.

  • Ultimate Challenge: Create an ultimate challenge that the last few standing players must complete to be crowned the winner of the night.

Buzzed is a simple, hilarious party game that brings friends together through light-hearted prompts and fun interactions. It's perfect for breaking the ice and creating memorable moments at any gathering.

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