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Official Booty Dice Rules

Booty Dice is a pirate-themed dice game where players roll dice to collect treasure and avoid trouble. The game involves strategy, luck, and a bit of risk-taking to accumulate the most booty. Here are the rules for playing Booty Dice:


Accumulate the most treasure (booty) by the end of the game through strategic dice rolls and smart use of pirate-themed actions.


  1. Distribute Booty Tokens:Place the booty tokens in a central pile accessible to all players.

  2. Deal Pirate Action Cards:Shuffle the pirate action cards and deal 3 cards to each player.

  3. Prepare the Dice:Make sure all 6 dice are ready for use.

  4. Set the Score Pad:Keep the score pad handy to record each player’s accumulated booty.


  1. Turn Sequence:

    • Players take turns in a clockwise order.

  2. Rolling Dice:

    • On your turn, roll all 6 dice.

    • Evaluate the dice roll based on the following outcomes:

      • Treasure (1, 2, 3): Collect booty tokens equal to the sum of these dice.

      • Skull (4): No booty is collected for this die, and it might trigger trouble.

      • Pirate Flag (5): Allows special actions based on pirate action cards.

      • Crossbones (6): Lose booty tokens or skip the next turn.

  3. Pirate Action Cards:

    • Use pirate action cards to manipulate dice results, steal booty from other players, or protect your treasure.

    • Examples include:

      • Steal Booty: Take a specified number of booty tokens from another player.

      • Reroll Dice: Reroll a certain number of dice to improve your result.

      • Protect Booty: Prevent other players from stealing your booty for one turn.

  4. Collecting Booty:

    • After rolling the dice and using any action cards, collect the appropriate number of booty tokens.

    • Record your collected booty on the score pad.

  5. End of Turn:

    • After collecting booty, pass the dice to the next player.

    • If any dice showed skulls (4), you might have to discard booty or skip a turn based on the number of skulls rolled.

Winning the Game

  • The game continues until a predetermined number of rounds are completed or all booty tokens are collected.

  • The player with the most booty tokens at the end of the game wins.


  • Double Trouble: If a player rolls three or more skulls (4) in a single turn, they lose all their collected booty for that turn.

  • Bonus Roll: Rolling all treasure (1, 2, 3) grants an extra turn.

  • Treasure Swap: Players can trade pirate action cards with each other once per game.

Booty Dice is a thrilling and strategic game that combines the luck of dice rolling with tactical use of pirate action cards. Aim to collect the most treasure while navigating the risks of the high seas!

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