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Official Bohnanza Game Rules

Bohnanza is a lighthearted card game where players become bean farmers, trying to cultivate the most valuable sets of beans to sell at the market. It involves trading, negotiation, and a dash of luck. Here's a breakdown of the rules:


  • The goal is to collect sets of the same bean type and sell them at the market to earn gold coins. The player with the most gold coins at the end of the game wins!



  • Shuffle the deck and deal a specific number of cards to each player based on the player count (usually 3-5 players). The exact number might vary depending on specific rules used (see variations).

  • Some bean types (indicated on the cards) might be removed from the game entirely depending on the player count.

  • Each player has two "bean fields" (designated areas in front of them or on their bean field mats if used).


1. Playing a Round:

  • The game is played in turns, and each turn consists of three phases:

    • Planting: The active player must plant the top card from their hand face up in one of their bean fields. They can either:

      • Start a new field for that bean type.

      • Add the card to an existing field of the same bean type.

      • If none of the above options are possible (no empty fields or no matching bean type), they must first harvest and sell an existing bean field (explained later) to free up space.

    • Trading (Optional): After planting, the active player can initiate trades with other players using cards from their hand (including those just drawn) or the two face-up cards from the previous planting phase. Players negotiate trades voluntarily; there's no forced trading.

    • Drawing: The active player draws two new cards from the deck to replenish their hand.

2. Harvesting and Selling:

  • Players can choose to harvest and sell a full bean field (all cards of the same type) during their turn or any point throughout the game (even on another player's turn).

  • The number of gold coins earned depends on the bean type and the quantity you have. Each bean card specifies the coin value for different quantities (e.g., 3 Soybeans might earn 1 coin, while 5 Soybeans might earn 2 coins).

Winning the Game

  • The game ends when the draw deck is depleted a certain number of times (usually twice or three times depending on the player count).

  • Players harvest and sell any remaining bean fields in their possession.

  • All players reveal the cards in their hand and sell them individually for a small coin value (usually 1 coin each).

  • The player with the most gold coins after all these sales wins the game!



  • Player Count: The setup and some rules might change slightly depending on the number of players.

  • Bean Field Limit: Some variations limit the number of bean fields a player can have active at once (usually 2).

  • Trading: Trading is optional, but some variations introduce a rule where the active player must offer trades to each other player before drawing new cards.

  • Third Bean Field: With some player counts, players might be able to purchase a third bean field during the game using gold coins.


  • Plan Your Fields: Think strategically about which bean types to plant together to create valuable sets for selling.

  • Negotiate Well: Trading is key! Be willing to offer enticing trades to get the beans you need.

  • Watch the Deck: Pay attention to how many cards of each bean type are left in the deck to estimate the potential value of sets you're building.

  • Don't Hold Onto Unusable Cards: Don't be afraid to sell incomplete sets or trade away unwanted beans if the opportunity arises.

Bohnanza is a fun and easy-to-learn game that offers a good mix of strategy, negotiation, and a bit of luck. So gather your fellow bean farmers, plant your crops, and see who can become the wealthiest bean baron!

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