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Official Bird Call Rules

Bird Call is a quick, chaotic, and utterly ridiculous party game for 3-6 players. It's a game where you make bird calls (or try to!), mimic other players, and earn points for the most...well, let's say "interesting" vocalizations.


Score the most points by successfully mimicking bird calls or creatively interpreting the bird sounds on the cards.


1. Shuffle the Bird Cards: Thoroughly mix the deck of bird cards and place it face down within reach of all players.

2. Scoring Tokens (Optional): If your version includes scoring tokens, distribute a set amount to each player.


Bird Call is all about quick turns and hilarious chaos. Here's how it goes:

  1. Round Start: The youngest player starts the game and is the "Bird Caller" for the first round. In subsequent rounds, the Bird Caller role passes to the next player in turn order.

  2. Draw a Card: The Bird Caller picks the top card from the deck, revealing the bird illustration and the written call to themselves only (without showing it to other players).

  3. Calling Time!: The Bird Caller announces "Bird Call!" and then proceeds to vocally imitate the bird call listed on the card (or at least make a valiant and hilarious attempt at it!). Be as creative and expressive as possible!

  4. Mimic Mode:  All other players, after hearing the Bird Caller's attempt, then try to mimic the bird call they just heard. This can involve silly sounds, nonsensical words, or anything that even vaguely resembles a bird call. The key is to have fun and be as creative (or absurd) as possible!

  5. Judging Time:  In some versions, players might have a chance to award points (scoring tokens or just points) to their fellow players (including the Bird Caller) for the most creative, funniest, or most bird-like vocalizations. This can be done through open discussion, voting, or a designated "judge" (different for each round).

Winning the Game

  • Point System (Optional):  If using scoring tokens, the player with the most tokens at the end of a set number of rounds wins the game.

  • Just for Fun: Often, Bird Call is played for pure laughter and enjoyment, with the focus being on having fun and making silly bird noises. There's no designated winner, just a bunch of people having a good time!


  • Blind Mimicry: Some versions might have a rule where players mimic the bird call without knowing the actual bird name or written call on the card. This adds an extra layer of challenge and silliness.

  • Team Play: For larger groups, you can divide into teams and take turns mimicking bird calls as a team, creating a symphony of chaotic bird sounds.

Bird Call is a quick, energetic party game that brings joy and silliness to any gathering. Enjoy the creative bird calls and the rush to guess them correctly in just 5 minutes.

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