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Official Beat That! Rules

"Beat It!" is a card game by Patch Products that involves players trying to match the rhythm of their cards to a beat. Here are the basic rules:


Score the most points by successfully completing challenges or outperforming your opponents in attempted challenges.

Number of Players: 3-10 players (works best with 4-8 players)


  • Deck of Challenge Cards: These cards contain a variety of wacky and outrageous challenges.

  • Betting Tokens (optional): These can be chips, coins, or any markers used for keeping score.


1. Shuffle the deck: Make sure the challenge cards are well shuffled.

2. Deal betting tokens (optional): If you're using betting tokens for scoring, distribute a set amount of tokens to each player (usually around 5-10 tokens).

3. Choose a starting player: You can choose the youngest or oldest player, or simply have someone volunteer to go first.


1. Draw a challenge card: The first player draws a card from the deck and reads the challenge aloud for everyone to hear.

2. Place your bet (optional): If you're using betting tokens, players can now place a bet on their own ability to complete the challenge. The higher the bet, the more points you can potentially score, but also the greater the risk of losing tokens. You can choose to bet no tokens (usually indicated by tapping the table or saying "pass").

3. Attempt the challenge: Players take turns attempting the challenge one at a time, following the instructions on the card. Be creative and have fun!

4. Outperforming others: In some challenges, players might compete against each other (e.g., who can hold a plank the longest). The winner of the mini-competition within the challenge earns the points or tokens designated on the card.

5. Success or Failure: The other players or a designated judge (optional) decide whether the challenge was completed successfully according to the instructions on the card.

6. Scoring (optional):

  • Success: If you successfully completed the challenge and placed a bet, you win tokens equal to the amount you bet.

  • Failure: If you fail the challenge and placed a bet, you lose the amount you bet and return those tokens to the pool.

Winning the Game

  • You can play for a predetermined number of rounds (often 10 rounds) and the player with the most points (tokens) wins!

  • Alternatively, you can simply play for fun and laughs without keeping score.


  • The beauty of Beat That! is its flexibility. Feel free to adjust the difficulty of challenges, betting amounts, or winning conditions to suit your group.

  • The game encourages silliness and a good sense of humor. Don't be afraid to be goofy and have fun with the challenges!

  • Some versions of Beat That! might have special cards that can affect gameplay, like forcing another player to draw more challenge cards or stealing points from another player.

Remember, "Beat That!" is a game of skill, creativity, and sometimes luck, so be prepared to tackle a wide variety of challenges and have fun along the way!

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