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Official Bad People Rules

"Bad People" is a party game where players vote on who in the group is most likely to do various outrageous things. It's designed for adults and can lead to revealing, humorous, and sometimes shocking conversations. Here are the detailed rules for playing "Bad People":


The objective of the game is to score the most points by correctly predicting how the group will vote on various scenarios.


  • Distribute Voting Cards:Give each player a set of voting cards with each player’s name or number on them.

  • Distribute Double Down Cards:Each player gets one Double Down card.

  • Choose Identity Cards:Each player draws an Identity card which corresponds to their player number.

  • Select the First Voter:Randomly choose the first voter to start the game.


  1. Drawing a Question Card:

    • The first voter draws a question card and reads it aloud. For example, "Who would survive the longest in a zombie apocalypse?"

  2. Voting:

    • Each player, including the voter, secretly chooses a voting card with the name or number of the person they think best fits the question.

    • Players can also choose to play their Double Down card if they are confident in their choice.

  3. Revealing Votes:

    • After all votes are in, the voter calls for everyone to reveal their votes simultaneously.

  4. Scoring:

    • Players who voted with the majority receive 1 point.

    • If a player used their Double Down card and voted with the majority, they receive 2 points.

    • If a player used their Double Down card but did not vote with the majority, they lose 1 point.

  5. Next Round:

    • The role of the voter passes clockwise to the next player.

    • The next player draws a new question card, and the process repeats.

Winning the Game

  • The game continues until everyone has had an equal number of turns as the voter, or until a predetermined number of rounds are completed.

  • The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Special Rules/Tips

Special Rules:

  1. Breaking Ties:

    • If there is a tie for the majority vote, no points are awarded for that round.

  2. Skipping Questions:

    • If the group agrees, they can skip a question card and draw a new one.

  3. House Rules:

    • Players can add their own house rules for added fun and customization.

Strategy Tips:

  1. Know Your Friends: Pay attention to the personalities and tendencies of your friends to predict how they will vote.

  2. Use Double Down Wisely: Save your Double Down card for when you are most confident about the outcome.

  3. Keep It Fun: Remember, this game is meant to be lighthearted and fun, so don’t take the questions or votes too seriously.

"Bad People" is a hilarious and sometimes revealing party game that can lead to surprising insights about your friends. It’s best played in a relaxed environment where everyone is comfortable with each other.

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