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Official Anarchy Pancakes Rules

Anarchy Pancakes is a chaotic and fun card game where players compete to make the best (or worst) pancakes under increasingly bizarre and anarchic conditions. Here are the rules for playing Anarchy Pancakes:


The goal is to be the player with the most points by the end of the game, earned by creating the best pancakes according to the changing and anarchic rules.


  • Shuffle the Decks:Shuffle the Pancake Ingredient Cards and the Anarchy Cards separately.

  • Deal Ingredient Cards:Each player is dealt 5 Pancake Ingredient Cards from the deck.

  • Set Up Anarchy Cards:Place the Anarchy Cards in a separate draw pile in the center of the table.

  • Determine the First Judge:Choose a player to be the first Judge (the Judge role will rotate each round).


  1. Start a Round:

    • The Judge draws an Anarchy Card and reads it aloud. Anarchy Cards introduce special rules or conditions that apply to the current round (e.g., "No dairy ingredients allowed," "Swap hands with the player on your left," "Double points for fruit ingredients").

  2. Create Pancakes:

    • Players select 3 Pancake Ingredient Cards from their hand to create a pancake. Players can try to follow the Anarchy Card's rule or strategically ignore it for the chance to create a better pancake.

    • Players place their selected Ingredient Cards face down in front of them.

  3. Reveal Pancakes:

    • Once all players have placed their cards, they reveal their Pancake Ingredient Cards simultaneously.

  4. Judge Scores Pancakes:

    • The Judge evaluates the pancakes based on the Anarchy Card’s rule and their personal preference. Creativity, humor, and adherence to the Anarchy Card’s condition can all be factors.

    • The Judge awards points to the players based on their pancake creations (e.g., 3 points for the best pancake, 2 points for the second best, 1 point for effort).

  5. Draw New Cards:

    • Players draw back up to 5 Pancake Ingredient Cards.

  6. Next Round:

    • The role of the Judge rotates to the next player clockwise, and a new round begins with the new Judge drawing a new Anarchy Card.

Winning the Game

  • The game continues for a predetermined number of rounds or until a player reaches a set number of points (e.g., 20 points).

  • The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.


  • Steal Ingredient: Some Anarchy Cards may allow players to steal an Ingredient Card from another player.

  • Double Down: Players can choose to double the points of their pancake by adding an extra Ingredient Card, but it also increases the risk if it doesn't meet the Judge's approval.

  • Wild Ingredient: Some Ingredient Cards may be wild cards that can count as any ingredient.

Anarchy Pancakes is a hilarious and unpredictable card game that challenges players to think creatively and strategically while embracing the chaos. Perfect for parties and gatherings, it ensures laughter and unexpected twists with every round.

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