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Official Zingo Rules

Zingo is a fast-paced and fun matching game for young children that helps develop image and word recognition skills. It is suitable for 2-6 players. Here are the detailed rules for playing Zingo:


The objective of Zingo is to be the first player to cover all the spaces on your Zingo card with matching tiles.


  • Zingo Zinger: A device that dispenses tiles.

  • 72 double-sided tiles: Each tile has a picture and the corresponding word.

  • 6 double-sided Zingo cards: Each card has a grid with 9 images/words.


  1. Set Up the Zingo Zinger: Load all 72 tiles into the Zingo Zinger. Make sure the Zinger is positioned so all players can reach it.

  2. Distribute Zingo Cards: Each player chooses a Zingo card and places it in front of them. Players can choose either the green side (easier, fewer different images) or the red side (harder, more different images).

  3. Decide the Start Player: Choose a player to operate the Zingo Zinger first. Play proceeds clockwise.


  1. Dispense Tiles: The player operating the Zingo Zinger pushes the Zinger forward to dispense two tiles.

  2. Claim Tiles:

    • All players look at the two tiles that were dispensed.

    • If a player has a matching image/word on their Zingo card, they call out the name of the tile (e.g., "dog!") and take the tile, placing it over the corresponding space on their card.

    • If more than one player calls out for the same tile, the tile goes to the player who called out first.

    • If a tile is not claimed by any player, it stays beside the Zingo Zinger.

  3. Return Unclaimed Tiles: If there are unclaimed tiles beside the Zingo Zinger, the next operator (the next player clockwise) returns them to the Zinger before dispensing the next two tiles.

  4. Continue Play: The role of the Zingo Zinger operator rotates clockwise each turn, and players continue to claim and place tiles until someone completes their card.

Winning the Game:

  • The first player to cover all nine spaces on their Zingo card shouts "Zingo!" and wins the game.

  • In case of a tie, both players who complete their cards simultaneously win.

Additional Rules:

  • Tile Recycling: If all tiles are dispensed and no player has completed their card, return the unclaimed tiles to the Zinger and continue playing.

  • House Rules: Players can agree on variations such as requiring an exact match of the word and picture to claim a tile, or different winning conditions like completing a line instead of the entire card.


  • Quick Recognition: Be quick in recognizing and calling out the tiles you need.

  • Memory: Remember which tiles are left beside the Zinger to claim them on your next turn.

Zingo is a lively game that promotes quick thinking and matching skills. It's perfect for young children and can be a delightful addition to family game nights.

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