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Official Wingspan Board Game Rules

"Wingspan" is a strategic board game where players act as bird enthusiasts seeking to attract a diverse collection of birds to their wildlife reserves. Here are the basic rules for playing:

Game Components:

  • Bird Cards: Cards representing different bird species.

  • Player Mats: Boards where players manage their birds and actions.

  • Action Cubes: Cubes used to indicate player actions.

  • Food Tokens: Represent different types of food (invertebrates, seeds, fish, fruit, rodents).

  • Egg Miniatures: Represent eggs laid by birds.

  • Dice: Custom dice used to determine available food.

  • Birdfeeder Dice Tower: Used to roll and display food dice.

  • Bonus Cards: Provide additional scoring objectives.

  • End-of-Round Goals: Tiles that outline goals for each round.

  • Goal Mat: Used to track end-of-round goals.

  • Reference Sheets: Provide rules summary and scoring details.


  1. Distribute Components: Each player receives a player mat, 8 action cubes, 2 random bonus cards (keeping one), and 5 bird cards (keeping 3).

  2. Place Components: Place the birdfeeder dice tower in the center, roll the food dice, and place them in the birdfeeder. Set up the goal mat and place the end-of-round goal tiles. Place food tokens, egg miniatures, and bird cards within reach.

  3. Starting Resources: Each player starts with 5 food tokens of their choice from the dice rolled, corresponding to the number of bird cards they kept.

Game Objective:

  • The goal is to attract the most valuable birds to your habitat and achieve end-of-round goals, bonus card goals, and accumulate points from bird cards, eggs, food on cards, and tucked cards.


  • The game is played over four rounds. Each round, players take turns performing one of the four possible actions using their action cubes.


  1. Play a Bird:

    • Place an action cube on the "Play a Bird" space.

    • Pay the food cost and egg cost (if any) of the bird.

    • Place the bird card in the appropriate habitat (forest, grassland, or wetland) on your player mat.

  2. Gain Food:

    • Place an action cube on the leftmost exposed "Gain Food" space in the forest habitat.

    • Gain food tokens according to the dice in the birdfeeder and activate any "when activated" bird powers in the forest habitat.

  3. Lay Eggs:

    • Place an action cube on the leftmost exposed "Lay Eggs" space in the grassland habitat.

    • Lay eggs on any birds up to the number indicated and activate any "when activated" bird powers in the grassland habitat.

  4. Draw Bird Cards:

    • Place an action cube on the leftmost exposed "Draw Bird Cards" space in the wetland habitat.

    • Draw bird cards up to the number indicated and activate any "when activated" bird powers in the wetland habitat.

End-of-Round Goals:

  • At the end of each round, players compare their progress on the end-of-round goals and score points accordingly.

  • Move the round tracker and adjust the number of action cubes for the next round (one less each round).


  • After four rounds, players score points from:

    • Bird cards in their habitat (points printed on each bird card).

    • Bonus cards (if goals are met).

    • End-of-round goals (points based on goal mat).

    • Eggs on bird cards (1 point per egg).

    • Food tokens on bird cards with caching abilities (1 point per token).

    • Tucked cards under bird cards with tucking abilities (1 point per card).

Winning the Game:

  • The player with the most points after four rounds wins the game.

Strategy Tips:

  1. Balance Your Habitats: Develop all three habitats to maximize your options for gaining food, laying eggs, and drawing bird cards.

  2. Optimize Bird Powers: Choose birds with powerful or synergistic abilities that can help you achieve your goals efficiently.

  3. Plan for Goals: Focus on the end-of-round goals and your bonus card objectives to score additional points.

  4. Manage Resources: Keep an eye on your food and egg supply to ensure you can play birds and perform necessary actions.

"Wingspan" combines strategic planning, resource management, and beautiful artwork, making it a deeply engaging game for bird enthusiasts and strategy gamers alike.

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