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Official UpsideDownChallenge Rules

The Vango UpsideDownChallenge brings a twist to classic games and challenges by having you perform them while seeing the world upside down! Here's a breakdown of the essentials to play:

Number of Players:  Ideally suited for 2 or more players, but you can have fun playing solo as well.

Objective:  Complete the challenges listed on the cards or perform assigned tasks while wearing the special upside-down goggles. The goal is to be successful (or at least have the most laughs) while everything seems flipped!


  • A set of Vango UpsideDownChallenge cards with various challenges (may vary depending on the version)

  • A pair of specialized goggles that flip your vision upside down

  • (Optional) A timer (not typically included)


  1. Shuffle the Cards:  Mix up the deck of UpsideDownChallenge cards face down on a table.

  2. Put on the Goggles:  This is the key element! Players take turns putting on the special goggles that flip their vision upside down.


Here's how the upside-down fun unfolds:

  1. Draw a Card:  The player with the goggles on draws a card from the shuffled deck and reads the challenge aloud to everyone.  Challenges might involve:

    • Completing simple tasks like writing your name, drawing a specific image, or pouring water from one cup to another.

    • Performing actions like walking a straight line, catching a ball, or giving someone a high five.

  2. Attempt the Challenge:  With the goggles on and the challenge understood, the player tries their best to complete the task while seeing everything upside down.

  3. Laughter and Support:  This is where the fun comes in! Completing these challenges while seeing the world flipped is bound to be silly and hilarious. Other players can offer encouragement and moral support (or maybe stifle some laughter!).

  4. Success or Failure:  Whether the player successfully completes the challenge or not depends on the specific task and how well they can adapt to the upside-down vision.

  5. Voting (Optional):  For some challenges, especially those involving drawing, other players can vote on whose attempt was the best (or funniest!).

  6. Next Turn:  After completing (or attempting) the challenge, the goggles are passed to the next player who draws a new card and takes their turn.


  • Time Limit (Optional):  You can introduce a time limit for each challenge using a kitchen timer or stopwatch. This adds an extra layer of difficulty and excitement.

  • Create Your Own Challenges:  Get creative and come up with your own silly tasks to perform while wearing the goggles.

  • Team Play:  Divide players into teams and have them complete challenges together while wearing the goggles (one player at a time). The first team to finish a set number of challenges wins.


  • Adult supervision is recommended for younger children, especially when attempting physical challenges while wearing the goggles.

  • Be mindful of your surroundings and avoid activities that could lead to bumping into furniture or tripping.

The Vango UpsideDownChallenge Game injects humor and a unique perspective into classic games and activities. With its wacky challenges and upside-down vision, it's a perfect choice for a fun party game or lighthearted family activity.

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