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Official Twister Rules

Twister is a fun party game for people of all ages! Here's how to play the classic game of Twister:

Number of Players: 2-4 players (ideally)

What You'll Need:

  • Twister game mat

  • Spinner with colored circles and body parts

Objective: Be the last player standing (without falling or breaking a rule) as you contort your body into increasingly awkward positions based on the spinner's call.


  1. Unfurl the Mat: Spread the large Twister mat on a clean, flat surface with enough space around it for players to move freely without knocking anything over.

  2. Give it a Spin: Place the spinner in the center of the mat.


  1. Choosing a Referee (Optional):  In a larger group (4 players), it can be helpful to have one person designated as the "referee" who spins the spinner and calls out the positions. Otherwise, players can take turns spinning and calling.

  2. Taking Turns: Players take turns spinning the spinner and following the instructions. There are two parts to the call:

    • Color: The spinner will land on a colored circle (red, yellow, blue, green).

    • Body Part: The spinner will also land on a body part (left hand, right hand, left foot, right foot).

  3. Following the Call: As quickly and carefully as possible, the player whose turn it is must place their called-out hand or foot on a vacant circle of the corresponding color.

Rules and Challenges:

  • One Limb Per Circle: Only one hand or foot can occupy a single circle at any time.

  • No Same Color Consecutive: You cannot place your hand or foot on the same color circle you just used in the previous turn (unless it's the only vacant circle of that color).

  • Maintaining Contact: You must keep all called-out limbs (hands and feet) in contact with the mat at all times. If a hand or foot touches the mat other than the designated circle (e.g., your knee), you're out!

  • Balance and Flexibility: As the game progresses, the positions become more challenging, requiring good balance and flexibility.


The last player remaining on the mat without falling or breaking a rule wins the game! The game can also end prematurely if there are no more legal moves possible due to the positions of other players.

Additional Notes:

  • Team Play (Optional):  For a variation with more players, you can form teams of two. Players on the same team can place their hands or feet on the same circle (as long as it's not the same body part). The team is eliminated if either member falls or breaks a rule.

  • House Rules: Feel free to add your own house rules to make the game more fun or challenging for your group. For example, you could introduce a time limit for each turn or award bonus points for particularly contorted positions.

Twister is a fun and active game, so be prepared for some laughter and friendly competition!

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