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Official "Tsuro - The Game of The Path" Strategy Game Rules

Tsuro: The Game of the Path is a serene and strategic board game where players guide their tokens along the path, trying to avoid colliding with other players while ensuring they remain on the board. Here are the rules:


The objective of Tsuro is to be the last player with a token remaining on the board.


  • Game board featuring a grid of paths and a dragon token.

  • 35 Path Tiles with various pathways depicted on them.

  • Player tokens (stone tiles) representing each player's piece on the board.

  • Instruction booklet.


  1. Place the game board in the center of the playing area.

  2. Each player selects a token and places it on one of the starting spaces along the edge of the board.

  3. Shuffle the Path Tiles and place them face down in a pile near the board.

  4. Designate a starting player.


  1. The starting player draws three Path Tiles and keeps them hidden from other players.

  2. On their turn, a player:

    • Places one of their Path Tiles on the board, connecting it to the path their token is currently on.

    • Moves their token along the path created by the tile until they reach the end.

    • Draws a new Path Tile to replace the one they played.

  3. After moving, if a player's token reaches the edge of the board or collides with another player's token, they are eliminated from the game.

  4. If a player is forced to move their token off the board due to a collision or reaching the edge, they must move the dragon token to any vacant space on the board.

  5. The game continues until only one player remains on the board, who is declared the winner.

Additional Rules

  • Avoiding Collisions: Players must strategically place Path Tiles to avoid colliding with other players' tokens and the edge of the board.

  • Dragon Movement: When the dragon token is moved, it may force other players to change their paths, potentially leading to collisions or elimination.

  • Variant Rules: There are various variant rules and expansions available for Tsuro that introduce new gameplay mechanics and challenges.

Winning the Game

The last player remaining on the board is declared the winner of Tsuro: The Game of the Path.

Tsuro offers a blend of strategy and luck, where players must carefully plan their moves to avoid elimination while guiding their tokens along the path to victory. Enjoy the serene journey through the game board as you strive to outmaneuver your opponents and emerge as the ultimate pathfinder!

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