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Official Trivial Pursuit Rules

Trivial Pursuit is a classic board game that tests players' general knowledge across various categories. Here's a comprehensive guide to playing the game:

The goal is to collect all six category wedges and correctly answer a final question in the center hub to win the game.

Game Components:

  • Game board

  • 1 die

  • Player tokens (pieces)

  • 6 category wedges per player token

  • Question cards divided by category


Each category is associated with a color:

  • Geography (Blue)

  • Entertainment (Pink)

  • History (Yellow)

  • Arts & Literature (Brown)

  • Science & Nature (Green)

  • Sports & Leisure (Orange)


  1. Place the game board on a flat surface.

  2. Each player/team selects a token and places it in the center of the board (the hub).

  3. Place wedges in a pile accessible to all players.

  4. Shuffle the question cards and place them in their holders.


  1. Starting the Game:

    • Determine the starting player by any agreed method (e.g., highest roll of the die).

  2. Taking Turns:

    • Players roll the die and move their token the corresponding number of spaces in any direction.

    • Players can move forwards or backwards but must follow the path.

  3. Answering Questions:

    • When landing on a space, the player answers a question from the category matching the space color.

    • If the answer is correct, the player continues their turn by rolling the die again.

    • If the answer is incorrect, the turn ends, and the next player rolls.

  4. Collecting Wedges:

    • Wedge spaces are marked with a specific category color and a wedge symbol.

    • Landing on a wedge space and correctly answering the question earns the player a wedge in that category.

    • Players can only earn each category wedge once.

  5. Moving to the Center:

    • After collecting all six wedges, the player must move their token to the center hub.

    • Movement to the center hub must be exact; the player needs to roll the exact number required to land on the hub space.

  6. Winning the Game:

    • Upon reaching the center hub with all six wedges, the player must answer a final question correctly to win.

    • The other players select the category of the final question.

    • If the final question is answered incorrectly, the player must leave the center hub and return on their next turn to try again.

Special Rules:

  1. Roll Again Spaces:

    • Some board versions have "Roll Again" spaces that allow an extra roll.

  2. Team Play:

    • Teams can discuss and agree on answers.

    • Movement rules for teams are the same as for individual players.

Tips for Playing:

  1. Plan your movement strategically to maximize chances of landing on wedge spaces.

  2. Focus on answering questions in categories where you have strengths.

  3. Balance your moves between collecting wedges and landing on standard spaces to keep your turn going.

Trivial Pursuit is a game of knowledge, strategy, and a bit of luck. Enjoy the challenge and the fun of learning new trivia!

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