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Official Trekking the National Parks Board Game Rules

Trekking the National Parks is a board game that celebrates the beauty and wonder of the United States' national parks. In the game, players compete to visit as many parks as possible and collect park cards, while also enjoying educational information about each park. Here are the basic rules:

Game Components:

  • Game Board: A map of the United States featuring various national parks.

  • Player Tokens: Representing each player's hiking team.

  • Park Cards: Featuring images and information about national parks.

  • Gear Cards: Providing special abilities and advantages.

  • Hiker Meeples: Used to track players' progress on the game board.

  • Resource Tokens: Representing resources used to travel and collect park cards.


  1. Game Board Setup: Place the game board in the center of the play area.

  2. Park Cards: Shuffle the park cards and place them face down in a deck.

  3. Gear Cards: Shuffle the gear cards and place them face down in a deck.

  4. Player Tokens: Each player selects a player token and places it on the starting space.

  5. Resource Tokens: Place resource tokens in a supply accessible to all players.


  • The goal of Trekking the National Parks is to visit as many national parks as possible, collect park cards, and earn points.


  1. Turn Sequence: The game is played over a series of turns, with players taking actions in clockwise order.

  2. Movement: On their turn, a player may move their player token a certain number of spaces on the game board, using resource tokens to cover the distance.

  3. Park Visits: When a player lands on a national park space, they may collect the corresponding park card from the deck.

  4. Gear Acquisition: Players may also acquire gear cards by landing on designated spaces or by spending resources.

  5. Resource Management: Players must manage their resource tokens carefully, using them to move, acquire gear, and collect park cards.

  6. Game End: The game ends after a certain number of rounds or when a player reaches a predetermined number of park cards collected.

  7. Scoring: Players earn points based on the park cards collected, with additional points awarded for visiting certain parks or completing specific objectives.


  • Efficient Movement: Plan your movement carefully to visit as many parks as possible while conserving resources.

  • Gear Utilization: Use gear cards strategically to gain advantages and outmaneuver opponents.

  • Park Selection: Prioritize collecting park cards that offer the most points or bonuses.

  • Resource Management: Balance spending resources on movement, gear acquisition, and park card collection to maximize efficiency.

Educational Aspect:

  • Learn About National Parks: As players collect park cards, they gain knowledge about the various national parks featured in the game, fostering appreciation for the natural beauty and cultural significance of these landmarks.

Trekking the National Parks offers a blend of strategy, exploration, and education, making it an enjoyable and enriching experience for players of all ages. With its beautiful artwork and thematic gameplay, the game captures the spirit of adventure and discovery found in America's national parks.

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