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Official Tetra Tower Game Rules

Tetra Tower is a challenging and strategic tabletop game where players compete to build the tallest and most stable tower using tetromino pieces. Here are the rules:


The objective of Tetra Tower is to build the tallest tower possible without it collapsing.


  • Tetra Tower game board with a base and grid.

  • Tetromino pieces in various shapes and sizes.

  • Instruction manual.


  1. Place the Tetra Tower game board on a flat surface.

  2. Shuffle the tetromino pieces and place them face down in a draw pile.

  3. Designate a starting player.


  1. On their turn, a player:

    • Draws a tetromino piece from the draw pile.

    • Places the tetromino piece onto the game board, starting from the base.

    • The piece must be placed within the grid and cannot overlap with existing pieces.

  2. The game continues with players taking turns drawing and placing tetromino pieces.

  3. As the tower grows taller, it becomes increasingly unstable.

  4. If a player causes the tower to collapse by placing a piece, they are eliminated from the game.

  5. The game ends when only one player remains, or when the tower collapses entirely.

  6. The last player remaining or the player with the tallest standing tower wins the game.

Additional Rules

  • Variants: Players can experiment with different variants, such as adding additional rules for piece placement or introducing special abilities for certain pieces.

  • House Rules: Players can create their own house rules to customize the gameplay experience and add new challenges.

Winning the Game

The last player remaining or the player with the tallest standing tower at the end of the game is declared the winner of Tetra Tower.

Tetra Tower offers a mix of strategy, dexterity, and tension as players carefully build their towers and try to outlast their opponents. Enjoy the challenge of balancing height and stability in this engaging tabletop game!

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