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Official Telestrations Game Rules

Telestrations is a hilarious party game that combines elements of drawing and guessing. Here are the basic rules:


The goal of Telestrations is to convey a word or phrase through drawings and guesses, passing the sketchbook from player to player until the original prompt returns to its starting point.


  • Sketchbooks: Each player receives a sketchbook.

  • Markers or Pens: Used for drawing.

  • Word Cards: Cards with words or phrases for players to draw and guess.

  • Timer: Optionally used to limit drawing and guessing time.


  1. Each player takes a sketchbook, marker or pen, and a word card.

  2. The players sit in a circle or around a table.


  1. Word Selection: Each player secretly looks at their word card and writes the word or phrase at the top of the first page of their sketchbook.

  2. Drawing: Players have a limited time (usually around 60 seconds) to draw a picture representing their word or phrase on the first page of their sketchbook.

  3. Passing: After the time is up, players pass their sketchbooks to the player on their left.

  4. Guessing: When a player receives a sketchbook, they look at the drawing and write their guess of what the word or phrase might be on the next page.

  5. Passing and Drawing: Players then pass the sketchbooks again, this time based on the guess they just made. The next player will attempt to draw the guessed word or phrase.

  6. Continuation: The process of guessing and drawing continues until each sketchbook returns to its original owner.

  7. Revealing: Once everyone has had a turn, players take turns showing the progression of drawings and guesses in their sketchbooks, starting with the first page and flipping through to the last.

  8. Laughter Ensues: Players compare the original word or phrase with the final drawing and guess, often resulting in humorous interpretations and misunderstandings.


Telestrations is typically a non-competitive game focused on fun and creativity. Players don't usually keep score, but instead, enjoy the amusing outcomes of the drawings and guesses.


  • Team Telestrations: Players divide into teams and work together to create and guess drawings.

  • Custom Themes: Instead of word cards, players can come up with their own themes or prompts.

  • Telephone Pictionary: A similar game where players alternate between writing and drawing to convey a message.

Telestrations is a fantastic game for parties, family gatherings, or any social event where laughter and creativity are welcome. Enjoy the hilarious results of miscommunication and artistic interpretations!

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