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Official Tapple Word Game Rules

Tapple is the award-winning, fast paced word game that gives players a rush of excitement as they race to beat the clock! Challenge friends and family to tap letters of the portable wheel as you come up with words for various categories before the ten-second timer runs out! Just say a word, beat the timer and win! Here's how to play:


The objective of Tapple is to be the last player remaining by naming items in a chosen category that begin with specific letters, while avoiding repeating answers and being mindful of the time limit.


  • Tapple wheel with 20 letter buttons (excluding Q, U, V, X, Y, and Z)

  • Timer (built into the Tapple wheel)

  • Deck of category cards


  1. Place the Tapple wheel in the center of the playing area.

  2. Shuffle the deck of category cards and place it next to the Tapple wheel.

  3. Decide who will go first.


  1. Starting the Round:

    • The first player draws a category card and reads the category aloud.

    • The first player has 10 seconds to name an item that fits the category and starts with one of the letters on the Tapple wheel.

  2. Pressing the Letter Button:

    • After naming an item, the player presses the corresponding letter button on the Tapple wheel.

    • The player then presses the timer button to reset the 10-second timer for the next player.

  3. Next Player's Turn:

    • The next player has 10 seconds to name a different item in the same category that starts with an unpressed letter.

    • They must press the corresponding letter button and reset the timer for the following player.

  4. Elimination:

    • If a player fails to name an item within the 10-second time limit or repeats a previously mentioned item, they are eliminated from the round.

    • The round continues with the remaining players.

  5. Winning the Round:

    • The round ends when only one player remains. That player wins the round and keeps the category card as a point.

    • Reset all letter buttons on the Tapple wheel, and start a new round with a new category card.

Winning the Game

  • The game continues for a predetermined number of rounds or until a set number of points is reached.

  • The player with the most category cards (points) at the end of the game wins.

Special Rules

  • Challenge Rule: If a player believes another player has made an invalid answer, they can challenge it. The group decides if the answer is valid or not. If the challenge is upheld, the challenged player is eliminated; otherwise, the challenger is eliminated.

  • No Repeat Rule: Players cannot repeat items that have already been mentioned in the current round.

Tips for Playing

  • Think Quickly: Stay calm under pressure and think of items quickly to avoid elimination.

  • Be Creative: Try to think of less obvious items to make it harder for other players.

  • Listen Carefully: Pay attention to other players' answers to avoid repeating them.

Tapple is a fast-paced, exciting game that tests your quick thinking and knowledge in various categories. Enjoy the challenge with friends and family!

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