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Official Sounds Fishy Game Rules

Sounds Fishy is a fun and creative party game where players use their imagination to create hilarious and absurd stories based on random words. Here are the rules:


The objective of Sounds Fishy is to come up with the most convincing, creative, and entertaining stories using the provided random words.


  • Word cards with various random words or phrases.

  • Scorekeeping materials (optional).

  • Timer (optional).


  1. Shuffle the word cards and place them face down in the center of the playing area.

  2. Decide on a method for keeping score, if desired.

  3. Designate a player to be the first storyteller.


  1. The first storyteller draws a word card from the pile and secretly reads the word.

  2. The storyteller then begins telling a story that incorporates the word into it. The story can be as elaborate, humorous, or absurd as the player wishes.

  3. Other players listen to the story and try to determine if the word provided is true or if the storyteller is bluffing.

  4. After the storyteller finishes their tale, each player votes on whether they believe the word is true or false.

  5. The storyteller reveals whether the word was true or false.

  6. Players who correctly guessed the truthfulness of the word earn points (if using scorekeeping).

Additional Rules

  • Time Limit: You can introduce a time limit for storytelling to keep the game moving quickly and encourage players to think on their feet.

  • Challenges: Players can challenge each other's stories if they believe they are not convincing enough. A vote can then be taken to determine if the challenged player's story is true or false.

Winning the Game

The game can be played for a set number of rounds, with the player earning the most points at the end declared the winner. Alternatively, the game can be played casually without keeping score, simply for the enjoyment of storytelling and laughter.

Sounds Fishy is a lighthearted and entertaining game that sparks creativity and imagination while providing plenty of laughs. Enjoy the challenge of bluffing your way through outrageous tales or deciphering truth from fiction in this engaging party game!

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