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Official Sorry! Hasbro Game Rules

Sorry! is a classic board game of strategy and luck where players race their pawns around the board to be the first to get all their pawns "home". Here are the basic rules:

Game Components:

  • Game Board: A board with a track divided into spaces, including "Start" and "Home" areas.

  • Pawn Movers: Pawns in different colors representing each player.

  • Cards: A deck of cards with various actions and numbers.


  1. Board Setup: Place the board in the center of the play area and ensure all players can reach it comfortably.

  2. Player Setup: Each player selects a color and places their four pawns on the "Start" space of the same color.


  • The goal of Sorry! is to be the first player to move all four of your pawns from "Start" to "Home".


  1. Turn Sequence: Players take turns in clockwise order.

  2. Card Drawing: On their turn, a player draws a card from the deck and follows the instructions on the card.

  3. Movement: The card drawn dictates the player's movement options:

    • Number Cards: Move one of your pawns forward the number of spaces indicated on the card.

    • Special Cards:

      • 1: Start a pawn from "Start" or move a pawn forward one space.

      • 2: Move a pawn forward two spaces or start a new pawn from "Start".

      • Sorry!: Take any one of your pawns from "Start" and place it on any space occupied by any opponent's pawn, sending that opponent's pawn back to "Start".

      • Slide: Move your pawn to the start of any slide and "slide" ahead to the last space of the slide.

  4. Bumping: If a pawn lands on a space occupied by an opponent's pawn (excluding Safe spaces), the opponent's pawn is bumped back to "Start".

  5. Safety Zones: Certain spaces on the board are considered "Safe" and cannot be bumped.

  6. Safety Cards: If a player draws a "Sorry!" card but cannot legally move any pawns, the player forfeits their turn.

  7. Winning: The first player to move all four of their pawns from "Start" to "Home" wins the game.

End of Game:

  • The game ends immediately when one player successfully moves all four of their pawns "Home". That player is declared the winner.


  • Team Play: Players can form teams and work together to move their pawns "Home".

  • Advanced Rules: Some versions of Sorry! include advanced rules, such as additional card effects or alternative game modes.


  • Risk Management: Consider the risk of moving pawns too far ahead, leaving them vulnerable to being bumped back to "Start".

  • Pawn Selection: Strategically choose which pawn to move based on the current board state and potential threats from opponents.

  • Blocking Opponents: Position pawns to block opponents' movement or create opportunities to bump their pawns back to "Start".

Sorry! is a fun and engaging game that combines luck and strategy. With its simple rules and unpredictable gameplay, it's perfect for game nights and gatherings with friends and family.

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