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Official Simon Memory Game Rules

Simon is a classic electronic memory game where players must replicate sequences of lights and sounds. Here are the rules for playing:


The goal of Simon is to replicate an increasingly longer sequence of lights and sounds produced by the game unit.


  • Simon Game Unit: The electronic device with colored buttons that produces sequences of lights and sounds.

  • Instructions: Includes the rules and guidelines for playing.


  1. Turn on the Simon game unit.

  2. Decide who will go first.


  1. Starting the Game: The game unit produces a short sequence of lights and sounds. This sequence represents the starting point for the game.

  2. Replicating the Sequence: The first player must press the colored buttons on the game unit in the exact same sequence as the one produced by the unit. If the player presses the correct sequence, the unit responds with a longer sequence. If the player makes a mistake, the unit emits a buzzing sound and the game ends.

  3. Passing the Turn: If the player successfully replicates the sequence, the turn passes to the next player. Each player must remember and repeat the entire sequence produced by the game unit, including any additions made by previous players.

  4. Increasing Difficulty: As the game progresses, the sequences become longer and more complex, challenging players' memory and concentration.

  5. Game Over: The game continues until a player makes a mistake by pressing the wrong button or fails to replicate the sequence within the time limit. When this happens, the game unit emits a buzzing sound, indicating the end of the game.


There is no traditional winner in Simon. The objective is to challenge yourself and others to replicate increasingly longer sequences. Players can compete to achieve high scores or simply enjoy the challenge of the game.


  • Focus and concentration are key to success in Simon. Pay close attention to the sequence of lights and sounds produced by the game unit.

  • Start with shorter sequences and gradually increase the difficulty as players become more comfortable with the game.

  • Practice regularly to improve memory and reaction time.

Simon is a classic game that tests players' memory and concentration skills. Enjoy the challenge of replicating and extending sequences as you strive for high scores!

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