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Official Sagrada Game Rules

Sagrada is a visually stunning dice-drafting game where players compete to create beautiful stained glass windows. Here are the rules:


The objective of Sagrada is to score the most points by carefully placing dice in your stained glass window according to specific rules and restrictions.


  • Dice of various colors representing stained glass pieces.

  • Player boards depicting stained glass windows.

  • Objective cards and tool cards for scoring and special abilities.

  • Favor tokens for rerolls and other bonuses.

  • Round track and score track.

  • Instruction manual.


  1. Give each player a player board and a set of favor tokens.

  2. Shuffle the objective cards and place them face up.

  3. Shuffle the tool cards and place them face down.

  4. Determine the starting player and give them the starting player token.

  5. Place the round track and score track within reach of all players.


  1. The game is played over 10 rounds, with each round consisting of several phases:

    • Drafting Phase: Roll dice and draft them in turn order, placing them on your player board according to placement rules.

    • Action Phase: Spend favor tokens to use tool cards to manipulate dice or your window.

    • Scoring Phase: Score points based on fulfilling public and private objectives and completing your window pattern.

  2. Each player's window has placement rules such as color restrictions and adjacency requirements.

  3. Tool cards provide special abilities such as rerolls, swapping dice, or ignoring placement rules.

  4. After 10 rounds, calculate final scores based on completed objectives and patterns.

Additional Rules

  • Objective Cards: Public objective cards provide common scoring criteria for all players, while private objective cards offer individual scoring challenges.

  • Tool Cards: Tool cards can be used by spending favor tokens and offer various abilities to aid players in building their windows.

  • Difficulty Levels: Players can adjust the game's difficulty by using different combinations of objective and tool cards.

Winning the Game

The player with the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner of Sagrada.

Sagrada offers a blend of strategy, puzzle-solving, and beautiful aesthetics as players compete to create stunning stained glass windows. Enjoy the challenge of drafting dice and strategically placing them to maximize your score in this elegant and engaging game!

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