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Official Planted Board Game Rules

Planted by Phil Walker- Harding is a deck-building game where you take on the role of a plant parent, nurturing a thriving indoor garden. By collecting resources, acquiring new plants, and utilizing tools, you'll strive to create the most beautiful and flourishing collection.


  • Player boards (representing your nursery)

  • Plant cards (featuring various houseplants with growth stages)

  • Tool cards (offering special abilities)

  • Decoration cards (providing bonus points at game end)

  • Resource tokens (water droplets, sun chips, plant food)

  • Propagation jar tokens

Number of Players:

2-5 players can enjoy Planted.

Gameplay Overview:

Planted is played over four rounds. Each round follows these steps:

  1. Drafting Phase: Players take turns drafting cards from a central pool. You'll choose one card, pass the remaining deck to your neighbor, and continue drafting until all cards are selected.

  2. Resource Collection Phase: Based on the cards you drafted, collect the corresponding resource tokens (water, sunlight, plant food).

  3. Plant Growth Phase: Spend resources to grow your existing plants. Each plant card has multiple growth stages, and each stage requires specific resources to advance.

  4. Propagation Phase (Optional): Use leftover resources to fill your propagation jars on your player board. These jars provide bonus points at the end of the game.

  5. Discard and Cleanup: Discard played cards and unused resources. Prepare for the next round.

Card Types:

  • Plant Cards: These are the heart of the game. Each card features a beautiful illustration of a houseplant and displays its growth stages. To grow a plant, you need to spend the required resources to unlock each stage.

  • Tool Cards: These provide ongoing or one-time benefits. They might increase the resources you gain from other cards, allow you to purchase plants at a discount, or grant special abilities related to plant growth.

  • Decoration Cards: These cards depict various decorative elements for your garden. While they don't affect gameplay during the rounds, they provide bonus points at the end of the game based on specific criteria.

Winning the Game:

After four rounds, the game ends. Players score points based on:

  • Growth stages of their plants: Each advanced stage of a plant contributes points.

  • Propagation jars: Filled jars provide bonus points.

  • Decoration cards: Points are awarded based on the completion of specific decoration sets.

The player with the most points wins the game and is crowned the ultimate "plant parent"!

Additional Notes:

  • The drafting mechanic adds a strategic element, as you need to consider both your own needs and what cards might be beneficial to your opponents.

  • Tool cards provide variety and allow you to customize your plant-growing strategy.

  • Planted offers a relaxing and visually appealing experience for players of all experience levels.


With its charming theme, smooth gameplay, and strategic depth, Planted is sure to become a favorite for game nights focused on nurturing creativity and a love for houseplants!

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