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Official Parcheesi Board Game Rules

Parcheesi is a classic board game that originated in India and has been enjoyed by players around the world for generations. Here are the basic rules:


The goal is to move all of your pieces from your starting area around the board to your "home" area before your opponents do.


  • Game Board: A cross-shaped board with spaces for pieces to move around.

  • Pieces: Each player has four pieces of the same color.

  • Dice: A standard six-sided die.


  1. Each player chooses a color and takes the four pieces of that color.

  2. Players place their pieces in the starting area corresponding to their color on the board.

  3. Decide on a starting player.


  1. Players take turns rolling the die and moving one of their pieces the number of spaces indicated by the die.

  2. Pieces can move either forward along the outer track or around the inner track of the board.

  3. If a player rolls a 6, they get an additional roll.

  4. If a player lands on a space occupied by an opponent's piece, the opponent's piece is sent back to its starting area.

  5. If a player rolls a 6 and has a piece in their starting area, they can move that piece onto the board and roll again.

  6. To enter a piece into the home area, a player must roll the exact number needed to reach the "start" space of their home area.

  7. The first player to move all four of their pieces into their home area wins the game.

Special Rules:

  • Doublets: If a player rolls a double (two dice showing the same number), they get to move twice the number of spaces shown on the dice.

  • Safe Spaces: Some spaces on the board are designated as safe spaces where pieces cannot be captured by opponents.

  • Blockades: Two pieces of the same color can form a blockade, preventing opponents from passing or capturing pieces.


The first player to successfully move all four of their pieces into their home area wins the game.


  • Team Play: Players can form teams and work together to move their pieces around the board.

  • Speed Parcheesi: A faster-paced version of the game where players roll and move simultaneously, with no waiting for turns.

  • Parcheesi Royal Edition: A modern version of the game with updated graphics and additional gameplay features.

Parcheesi: The Classic Game of Race, Chase, and Capture, is a strategic and entertaining game that combines luck with tactical decision-making. Enjoy the thrill of racing your opponents to get all your pieces home while blocking and capturing their pieces along the way!

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