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Official One Night Ultimate Werewolf Rules

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a fast-paced social deduction game where players take on different roles, trying to identify the werewolves among them. Here are the rules:


The objective of One Night Ultimate Werewolf is to identify the werewolves and eliminate them from the game.


  • Role Tokens representing different characters.

  • Free Companion App or Moderator for narration.

  • Game Setup Tokens.

  • Instruction Booklet.


  1. Choose roles: Select a combination of role tokens based on the number of players and desired difficulty level.

  2. Shuffle the role tokens and deal one to each player, placing the remaining tokens in the center as the "center pile."

  3. Use the Free Companion App or designate a player as the Moderator to guide the game and provide narration.


  1. Night Phase: Players close their eyes, and the Moderator guides each role to perform their nighttime actions secretly. This may include swapping tokens, looking at other players' tokens, or remaining silent.

  2. Day Phase: Players open their eyes, and the Moderator announces that the night phase has ended. Players discuss, debate, and try to deduce the identities of the werewolves among them.

  3. Accusation Phase: After the discussion, players have a limited time to accuse one player of being a werewolf. Players can defend themselves or accuse others.

  4. Vote: Players simultaneously vote on who to eliminate from the game. The player with the most votes is eliminated.

  5. Revealing Roles: After the vote, players reveal their roles, and the eliminated player's role token is revealed.

  6. Win or Lose: If at least one werewolf is eliminated, the villagers win. If no werewolves are eliminated or a villager is eliminated, the werewolves win.

Additional Rules

  • Special Abilities: Some role tokens have special abilities that affect gameplay. These abilities may allow players to gather information or manipulate tokens.

  • Variants: One Night Ultimate Werewolf offers various expansions and variants to add complexity and replay-ability to the game.

Winning the Game

The game ends when either the villagers successfully eliminate a werewolf or the werewolves avoid detection and outnumber the villagers.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf offers a thrilling and intense social deduction experience, where players must rely on deduction, persuasion, and bluffing to emerge victorious. Enjoy the suspenseful hunt for the werewolves as you uncover hidden identities and outwit your opponents!

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