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Official Off Topic Rules

"Off Topic" is a great game for parties and gatherings, encouraging quick thinking and creativity. Enjoy the fun and laughter as you come up with the most unique answers! Here's how to play:


The objective of "Off Topic" is to creatively answer questions based on a given letter and topic. Players aim to come up with the most unique and relevant answers to score points.


  • Off Topic Cards: Each card has a list of topics/questions.

  • Timer: Usually a 2-minute sand timer or a digital timer.

  • Letter Die: A die with different letters on each side.

  • Whiteboards and Markers: For writing down answers.

  • Score Sheets: To keep track of points.


  1. Distribute Materials:

    • Each player receives a whiteboard and a marker.

    • Place the Off Topic cards in a stack within reach of all players.

    • Have the timer ready.

  2. Determine Starting Player:

    • Choose a player to start the game. This player will roll the letter die and draw the first Off Topic card.


  1. Rolling the Die:

    • The starting player rolls the letter die to determine the letter for the round.

  2. Drawing a Card:

    • The same player draws an Off Topic card and reads the topics/questions aloud to all players.

  3. Starting the Timer:

    • Flip the timer to start the round. Players now have 2 minutes to write answers on their whiteboards.

    • Each answer must start with the letter rolled and fit the topic/question on the card.

  4. Writing Answers:

    • Players write one answer for each topic/question on their whiteboards.

    • Answers should be creative, relevant, and unique to score higher points.

  5. Ending the Round:

    • When the timer runs out, players stop writing and prepare to share their answers.


  1. Sharing Answers:

    • Starting with the player who rolled the die, each player reads their answers aloud, one topic at a time.

  2. Checking for Validity and Uniqueness:

    • Players discuss and agree on whether each answer is valid and relevant to the topic.

    • If multiple players have the same answer, those answers do not score points.

    • Unique and valid answers score points.

  3. Scoring Points:

    • Each unique, valid answer scores 1 point.

    • Players record their scores for the round on the score sheet.

  4. Next Round:

    • The next player in clockwise order rolls the die, draws a new card, and the process repeats.

Winning the Game

  • End of Game: Decide on a set number of rounds to play (e.g., 10 rounds) or play until a certain score is reached.

  • Declaring the Winner: The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Tips for Playing

  1. Be Creative:

    • Think outside the box to come up with unique answers.

    • Try to avoid obvious answers that other players might also write.

  2. Think Fast:

    • The timer adds pressure, so write quickly and don’t overthink your answers.

  3. Challenge Unusual Answers:

    • If you think an answer doesn't fit the topic or is too much of a stretch, challenge it. Majority rules in deciding its validity.

  4. Have Fun:

    • The game is designed to be light-hearted and fun, so enjoy the creative process and the laughter that comes with it.

Off Topic is a fast-paced and hilarious game that tests your ability to think creatively and come up with unusual answers. Players compete to provide answers to prompts that become increasingly absurd as the game progresses.

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