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Official Cryptic Killers: Murder of a Millionaire Rules

Cryptic Killers: Murder of a Millionaire, you'll be putting on your detective hat and working with fellow players to solve a thrilling whodunnit. Here's a breakdown of the core gameplay:


  • Case File:  This folder acts as your central hub, containing all the information you need to solve the case. Inside you'll find:

    • Suspect Files: Each file details a potential suspect, including their background, alibis, and potential motives.

    • Crime Scene Photos: Images from the scene of the millionaire's murder, offering potential clues.

    • Newspaper Articles: Local news reports related to the victim, suspects, or the crime itself.

    • Other Evidence: Receipts, witness statements, phone records, and various miscellaneous pieces that might hold the key to solving the case.

  • Internet Access (Optional):  While not strictly necessary, some versions of the game might encourage using the internet to research specific details, verify alibis, or uncover hidden information.


Your collective goal is to identify the murderer from the provided suspects by analyzing the evidence and piecing together the puzzle. You need to:

  • Establish Motive:  Uncover the reasons why each suspect might have wanted the millionaire dead.

  • Review Alibis:  Analyze the alibis provided by the suspects and look for inconsistencies or weaknesses.

  • Examine Evidence:  Scrutinize the crime scene photos, witness statements, and other evidence to find hidden clues and connections.

  • Eliminate Suspects:  Based on your findings, you can collectively rule out suspects who appear innocent.


There's no set turn structure, so collaboration and communication are key. Players work together, discussing the evidence, sharing their observations, and forming theories about the case. Here's how you might approach the investigation:

  1. Read Through the Case File:  Start by familiarizing yourselves with all the suspects, the crime scene details, and the initial information provided.

  2. Analyze Suspects:  Divide and conquer by assigning players to focus on specific suspects, digging deeper into their files and alibis.

  3. Discuss Findings:  Share your discoveries and suspicions with the group. Look for patterns, inconsistencies, or details that seem suspicious.

  4. Form Theories:  Based on your discussions, start formulating theories about who the murderer might be, their motive, and the sequence of events.

  5. Investigate Further (Optional):  If needed, consult the internet to verify alibis, research details mentioned in the evidence, or look for hidden connections that might point towards the culprit.

  6. Unmask the Murderer:  Once you've reached a consensus on the murderer's identity and have a solid explanation for their motive and actions, you've successfully solved the case!

Winning the Game:

The game is considered a win for the players if they can correctly identify the murderer and explain their reasoning using the provided evidence.

Additional Notes:

  • The Cryptic Killers series is known for its immersive storytelling and well-crafted puzzles.  Don't hesitate to think outside the box and analyze even seemingly insignificant details.

  • Teamwork is crucial. Share your thoughts openly, listen to others' perspectives, and work together to connect the dots.

  • The Cryptic Killers website ( offers hints and solutions (under "Game Hints" and "Game Answers") after you've had a chance to solve the case yourselves. Avoid spoiling the fun by peeking at the answers too early!


By putting your detective skills to the test and working together with your fellow investigators, you can crack the case of the murdered millionaire in Cryptic Killers: Murder of a Millionaire!

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