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Official Munchkin Board Game Rules

Munchkin is a board game where players explore dungeons, fight monsters, and collect treasure with the aim of reaching level 10 first. It is known for its humor and simple gameplay, making it a popular choice for both casual and serious gamers. Here's how to play:


The goal of Munchkin Deluxe is to be the first player to reach level 10 by defeating monsters, collecting treasures, and navigating through the treacherous dungeon.


  1. Game Board: The game board represents the winding paths of the dungeon, with various rooms and spaces to explore.

  2. Character Standees: Each player chooses a character standee to represent their Munchkin adventurer on the game board.

  3. Cards: The game includes Door cards (monsters, traps, curses) and Treasure cards (loot, items).

  4. Dice: A six-sided die is used for combat, movement, and other game mechanics.

  5. Level Counters: Players use level counters to track their current level in the game.

  6. Tokens and Markers: Various tokens and markers are used for tracking bonuses, progress, and other effects.


  1. Choose Characters: Each player selects a character standee and places it on the starting space of the game board.

  2. Shuffle Decks: Separate the Door and Treasure card decks, shuffle them, and place them face down within reach of all players.

  3. Game Start: Decide who goes first (e.g., youngest player). The chosen player takes the first turn, and play proceeds clockwise.

Game Rounds

Each round of Munchkin Deluxe consists of the following phases:

  1. Exploration: The active player moves their character standee along the game board, revealing Door cards as they move. Players must resolve the effects of each Door card they encounter.

  2. Combat: If the revealed Door card is a monster, the active player must engage in combat. Combat involves comparing the player's level and bonuses to the monster's level and abilities. Players can request help from other players or use cards to boost their combat strength.

  3. Treasure: If the player defeats the monster, they collect Treasure cards as a reward. Treasure cards may contain valuable loot and items that can enhance the player's abilities.

  4. Leveling Up: Players gain levels by defeating monsters or fulfilling certain objectives. The first player to reach level 10 wins the game.

Special Rules

  • Alliances and Betrayals: Players can form temporary alliances to help each other in combat, but alliances can be broken at any time.

  • Curses and Traps: Door cards may contain curses or traps that affect players in various ways. Players must deal with these effects as they explore the dungeon.

  • Items and Equipment: Treasure cards may contain items and equipment that players can use to boost their combat abilities or gain other advantages.

Munchkin Deluxe offers a delightful blend of strategy, humor, and adventure that appeals to players of all ages and skill levels. With its engaging gameplay, colorful components, and unpredictable encounters, Munchkin Deluxe provides hours of entertainment for friends and family alike. So gather your party, prepare for battle, and embark on a hilarious and memorable journey through the dungeons of Munchkin!

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