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Official Mouse Trap Kids Game Rules

The "Mouse Trap" game is a classic family board game where players build and set up a contraption to catch a mouse. Here are the rules for playing:


The goal of the Mouse Trap game is to capture opponents' mice while avoiding getting caught yourself.


  • Game Board: The game board represents a complex Rube Goldberg-style contraption.

  • Game Pieces: Includes player mice, cheese wedges, rubber bands, gears, and the trap components.

  • Dice: Used to determine the number of spaces to move.


  1. Each player chooses a mouse and places it on the Start space.

  2. Assemble the Mouse Trap contraption according to the instructions included in the game.

  3. Place the cheese wedges on the designated spaces on the board.


  1. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their mice around the board according to the number rolled.

  2. Follow the instructions on the space where the mouse lands. This may involve collecting cheese wedges, building a part of the trap, or setting off the trap.

  3. If a player lands on a Build space, they must take a gear piece and add it to the Mouse Trap contraption.

  4. If a player lands on a Turn Crank space, they must turn the crank on the Mouse Trap contraption the specified number of times.

  5. If a player lands on a Build or Turn Crank space and there are no more gears available or the contraption is fully built, they can choose to steal a gear from another player.

  6. Whenever a player lands on a Cheese Wheel space, they collect a cheese wedge.

  7. Landing on the Space Boot space allows a player to move any opponent's mouse to any space on the board.

  8. If a player lands on the Trap space or their mouse ends its movement on the Trap space, they must attempt to set off the Mouse Trap contraption by landing on the "Safe" space on the board. If successful, they capture an opponent's mouse and move it back to Start.

  9. The game continues until all but one mouse has been captured. The last remaining mouse is the winner.


The player who successfully avoids being caught in the Mouse Trap and is the last remaining mouse on the board wins the game.


  • Pay attention to the parts needed to build the Mouse Trap contraption and strategize to collect them efficiently.

  • Be cautious when setting off the Mouse Trap, as it could catch your own mouse if not done correctly.

  • Stealing gears from opponents can disrupt their plans and give you an advantage in building the contraption.

Mouse Trap is a fun and engaging game that combines strategy, luck, and dexterity. Enjoy the excitement of building and setting off the elaborate Mouse Trap contraption!

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