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Official Minesweeper Rules

Minesweeper is a classic single-player puzzle game where you strategically uncover squares on a grid to find hidden mines without detonating any. Here's how to play:

Objective:  Reveal all the non-mined squares on the board while correctly flagging all the mined squares.


  • A square grid (board) with hidden mines randomly placed in some squares. The size of the grid can vary, with beginner levels typically having fewer squares and mines.

  • Numbers displayed on some squares. These numbers indicate the total number of mines hidden in the eight squares surrounding that particular square (including diagonally).


The game starts with the entire grid covered. You use your mouse (or touchscreen) to uncover squares:

  • Left Click: Clicking a square with the left mouse button reveals that square. If it's empty, a number will be displayed, indicating the number of mines surrounding it. If it's a mine, you lose the game.

    • Windows Minesweeper (the classic version on many computers) will always make your first left-click a safe square, so you can't lose on the very first move.

  • Right Click (Flagging): Clicking a square with the right mouse button places a flag on it. This indicates that you suspect there's a mine in that square. You can right-click again to remove the flag.

Using Logic:

The key to Minesweeper is using the numbers displayed on the revealed squares to deduce the location of mines in the surrounding squares. Here's how:

  • Safe Squares: If the number on a revealed square matches the number of flags you've already placed on surrounding squares, all the remaining squares around it must be safe. You can then left-click them to reveal them safely.

  • Logic Deduction:  By analyzing the numbers and strategically placing flags, you can gradually narrow down the location of mines and safely reveal more squares.

Winning the Game:

You win the game if you successfully reveal all the non-mined squares on the board while also having a flag on every single mine.

Additional Notes:

  • Difficulty Levels:  Most Minesweeper versions offer different difficulty levels, typically varying the size of the grid and the number of mines hidden.

  • Double-Clicking (Optional):  Some versions allow you to left-click and hold, then release on a safe square to automatically reveal all the surrounding squares that are guaranteed to be safe based on the number displayed on the clicked square.

  • Challenge and Fun:  Minesweeper provides a fun mental challenge that requires strategic thinking and logical deduction. It's a great way to test your problem-solving skills and keep your mind sharp.

So, if you're looking for a brain-teasing puzzle game, fire up Minesweeper and see if you can uncover all the safe squares without getting blown up!

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