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Official Ravensburger Labyrinth Game Rules

Labyrinth by Ravensburger is a classic board game where players navigate a constantly changing maze to collect treasures and reach their goal. Here are the rules:


The objective of Labyrinth is to be the first player to collect all your designated treasures and return to your starting position.


  • Game board with a grid of fixed and movable maze tiles.

  • 24 treasure cards.

  • 34 maze tiles (24 fixed, 10 movable).

  • 4 playing pieces (each representing a different color).

  • 1 extra maze tile (used to shift the maze).


  1. Place the game board in the center of the playing area.

  2. Shuffle the maze tiles and randomly place them on the game board, filling the spaces except for one. Ensure some tiles are fixed in place as indicated by the board.

  3. Each player chooses a playing piece and places it on the matching colored starting point in one of the four corners of the board.

  4. Shuffle the treasure cards and deal them evenly among the players, placing them face down in front of each player. Players can look at their cards but keep them hidden from opponents.

  5. Place the extra maze tile next to the game board.


  1. Starting a Turn: The player who is currently taking their turn uses the extra maze tile to shift the maze.

    • The player chooses one of the open edges of the maze and inserts the extra tile, shifting an entire row or column of tiles. This will push a tile off the opposite edge, which then becomes the new extra tile for the next player.

    • A tile cannot be pushed back to its previous position by the next player.

  2. Moving: After shifting the maze, the player moves their playing piece through the paths created by the maze tiles.

    • A player can move as far as they want along the open pathways but cannot move through walls.

  3. Collecting Treasures: If a player’s piece lands on a space with a treasure matching the top card in their stack, they collect that treasure by revealing the card.

    • Once a treasure is collected, the player keeps the card face up and moves on to the next treasure card in their stack.

  4. Ending a Turn: After moving and possibly collecting a treasure, the player’s turn ends, and the next player takes their turn.

Winning the Game

The game continues until one player collects all their treasures and returns to their starting position. That player is declared the winner.

Additional Rules

  • Blocked Paths: If a player cannot make any moves after shifting the maze, they forfeit their movement for that turn.

  • Strategy: Players can strategize by shifting the maze to block opponents or to create a clear path for themselves.

Labyrinth is a dynamic and strategic board game that challenges players to navigate an ever-changing maze. The shifting paths create endless possibilities, ensuring that no two games are ever the same. Enjoy the fun and excitement of Labyrinth with friends and family!

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