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Official King of Tokyo Rules

King of Tokyo is a fun and fast-paced board game where you play as giant monsters or robots battling for control of Tokyo and racking up victory points. Here's a breakdown of the rules to get you started on your monstrous reign:

Number of Players: 2-6

Objective: Be the first to 20 Victory Points (VP) or the last monster standing.


  • Game board (Tokyo City and Tokyo Bay)

  • 6 black dice (claws, hearts, energy, attack, "1" & "2" VP)

  • Green dice (optional, from Power cards)

  • Monster standees & dashboards (track health & VP)

  • Power cards (special abilities)

  • Energy cubes (to buy Power cards)

  • Other counters (Smoke, Mimic, Shrink, Poison - depending on version)


  1. Place the board, choose your monster and monster board (health 10, VP 0).

  2. Shuffle Power cards, place energy cubes and counters nearby.



  • Players take turns clockwise.

On Your Turn:

  1. Roll the Dice (up to 3 times): Roll the black dice (and green dice if you have any). Choose which dice to keep after each roll.

  2. Resolve the Dice (any order):

    • Claws: Earn 1 VP each.

    • Hearts: Heal 1 health point (max 10).

    • Energy: Gain 1 energy cube.

    • Attack: Attack another monster.

    • "1" & "2" VP: Score those victory points.

Attack Phase:

  • If you rolled any attack symbols, you can attack another monster (including the one in Tokyo).

  • The monster in Tokyo cannot heal and must defend all attacks.

  • Monsters outside Tokyo can choose to fight back (explained later).

  • Monsters lose health points equal to the number of attacking symbols.

Fight Back (Optional):

  • If attacked outside Tokyo, you can roll your dice once. Claws on your roll inflict 1 damage to the attacker.

Entering Tokyo:

  • After dice and attack phases, you can move to Tokyo (if not already there). If another monster is there, you fight them, winner takes Tokyo.

Earning Victory Points:

  • You can buy Power cards with energy cubes during or after your turn. These offer permanent or one-time effects.

  • You score VP from dice rolls, purchased Power cards, and potentially from board/card effects.

End of Round:

  • After all players finish their turns, the round ends. Discard used dice and prepare for the next round.


  • The game ends when either:

    • A player reaches 20 VP (most VP wins if no one reaches 20).

    • All other monsters are eliminated (reduced to 0 health). The last monster standing wins!

Additional Notes:

  • Read Power card effects carefully, they can significantly impact the game.

  • With 5-6 players, use both Tokyo City and Tokyo Bay spaces.

  • Some versions have Evolution cards for permanent monster upgrades.

King of Tokyo offers a fun and strategic experience with dice rolling, monster battles, and card use. Get ready to unleash your inner monster and fight for Tokyo's crown!

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