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Official "Just One" Party Game Rules

Here's a breakdown of the rules for Just One, the cooperative party game where you work together to guess a secret word:


The objective of "Just One" is to guess as many mystery words as possible. It's a cooperative party game where players work together to provide unique clues to help the guesser identify the mystery word.


  • 110 Word Cards

  • 7 Easels

  • 7 Erasable Markers

  • Rulebook


  1. Prepare the Deck: Shuffle the word cards and form a deck.

  2. Distribute Materials: Give each player an easel and a marker.

  3. Select a Start Player: Choose a player to be the first guesser. The guesser will rotate each round.


  1. Draw a Card: The guesser draws the top card from the deck without looking at it and places it on their easel facing away from them. The card has five numbered words on it.

  2. Choose a Number: The guesser randomly chooses a number from 1 to 5. This number corresponds to the mystery word that the other players need to provide clues for.

  3. Write Clues:

    • The remaining players (clue givers) write a one-word clue on their easels to help the guesser identify the mystery word.

    • Clues must be unique and not identical or similar to other players' clues.

  4. Compare Clues:

    • Once all clues are written, the clue givers compare their easels without the guesser seeing.

    • Any identical or similar clues are erased and not shown to the guesser.

  5. Show Clues:

    • The remaining valid clues are shown to the guesser.

  6. Guess the Word:

    • The guesser tries to guess the mystery word based on the clues provided.

    • If the guesser is correct, the team scores one point.

    • If the guesser is incorrect or chooses to pass, no points are scored.

End of the Game

  • Rounds: The game continues for 13 rounds, with each player taking a turn as the guesser.

  • Scoring: At the end of the 13 rounds, the team counts the number of correctly guessed words to determine their score.

Scoring Scale

  • 0-3 Points: Better luck next time!

  • 4-7 Points: You can do better!

  • 8-11 Points: Not bad at all!

  • 12-13 Points: Excellent!

  • 14 Points: Perfect score!

Rules for Clues

  1. Clues Must Be One Word: Clues can be only one word. Hyphenated words are considered one word, but make sure they are well-known as such.

  2. No Variations of the Mystery Word: Clues cannot be the mystery word itself or a derivative (e.g., if the word is "actor," "acting" is not allowed).

  3. No Numbers or Symbols: Clues must be words and cannot include numbers, symbols, or special characters.

  4. No Foreign Languages: Clues must be in the language of the game being played.

Tips for Playing

  1. Be Creative and Unique: Try to think of unique clues that other players might not consider.

  2. Avoid Common Words: Avoid obvious clues that might be duplicated by other players.

  3. Communicate Clearly: Make sure your clue is clear and easily understood by the guesser.

  4. Teamwork: Remember, it's a cooperative game, so work together to achieve the highest score possible.

"Just One" is a fun and engaging game that encourages creativity, teamwork, and quick thinking. Enjoy the challenge of coming up with unique clues and see how well you can communicate with your team!

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