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Official Jenga Rules

Jenga is a fun and challenging game that tests your dexterity and strategic thinking. Enjoy playing with friends and family! Here's how to play:

Jenga Rules and Strategy


The objective of Jenga is to be the last player to successfully remove and stack a block without causing the tower to fall.


  • 54 wooden blocks


  1. Building the Tower:

    • Assemble the tower by stacking three blocks per layer, alternating the direction of the blocks with each layer.

    • Use the loading tray (if included) to help build a stable tower.

    • Ensure the tower is straight and sturdy before starting the game.


  1. Starting the Game:

    • The player who built the tower goes first.

    • Players take turns in a clockwise direction.

  2. Removing a Block:

    • On a player's turn, they must remove one block from any layer below the highest completed layer.

    • Use only one hand to remove a block. You can switch hands but cannot use both hands simultaneously.

    • Players can touch blocks to find a loose one, but if they move a block out of place without removing it, they must fix it before continuing.

  3. Stacking the Block:

    • After removing a block, place it on top of the tower, perpendicular to the layer below.

    • The next player then takes their turn.

  4. Continuing the Game:

    • The game continues with players removing and stacking blocks until the tower falls.

  5. Losing the Game:

    • The player who causes the tower to fall loses the game.

    • The remaining players can start a new game by rebuilding the tower.


  1. Choose Blocks Wisely:

    • Look for loose blocks to minimize the risk of destabilizing the tower.

    • Avoid blocks that are tightly wedged or supporting a lot of weight.

  2. Stack Strategically:

    • Place blocks on top of the tower in a way that keeps it balanced. Try to distribute weight evenly across the top layers.

  3. Use Steady Hands:

    • Remove and stack blocks slowly and carefully to avoid sudden movements that can destabilize the tower.

  4. Plan Ahead:

    • Think about how each move will affect the tower's stability for future turns. Avoid creating situations where the tower becomes too top-heavy or uneven.

  5. Psych Out Opponents:

    • Subtly shifting the tower during your turn can make it more challenging for the next player. However, be cautious not to cause the tower to fall on your turn.


  1. Speed Jenga:

    • Set a timer for each turn to increase the pressure and excitement. Players must complete their move within the time limit or lose their turn.

  2. Truth or Dare Jenga:

    • Write truth or dare challenges on each block. When a player removes a block, they must complete the challenge written on it before stacking it on top.

  3. Themed Jenga:

    • Customize the blocks with a theme, such as trivia questions or fun facts. When a player removes a block, they must answer the question or read the fact before stacking it.

So, gather your friends and family, build your tower, and get ready to test your steady hand and strategic thinking skills with Jenga!

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