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Official I Spy Dig In Rules

"I Spy Dig In" is a fast-paced game that encourages players to search for and find objects hidden within a colorful bowl of tiles. Here are the rules for playing the game:


  • Game Board: A plastic bowl or container where the tiles are mixed.

  • Tiles: Double-sided tiles with various objects and images.

  • Cards: I Spy cards that display objects to be found.

  • Timer: A sand timer or another type of timer.

  • Instructions: For setting up and playing the game.


The objective of the game is to find and match the objects on your I Spy card as quickly as possible by digging through the tiles in the bowl.


  1. Prepare the Game Board:

    • Place all the tiles into the bowl and mix them thoroughly.

  2. Distribute the Cards:

    • Each player or team receives a set of I Spy cards.

    • Cards can be dealt out evenly, or each player/team can draw a card at the start of each round.

  3. Set the Timer:

    • Decide on the length of each round (typically 60 seconds).


  1. Starting the Game:

    • The timer is set for the designated time (e.g., 60 seconds).

    • All players or teams start simultaneously when the timer begins.

  2. Digging In:

    • Players dig through the bowl with their hands to find the objects pictured on their I Spy cards.

    • Players must only use one hand to search for tiles.

  3. Finding Matches:

    • When a player finds a tile that matches an object on their card, they place it in front of them.

    • Continue searching until the timer runs out.

  4. End of the Round:

    • When the timer runs out, players stop searching.

    • Players check their tiles against their I Spy cards to confirm matches.


  • Players earn points for each correct match they find during the round.

  • One point is awarded for each correct tile that matches an object on the player’s card.

  • Players can decide on a set number of rounds to play, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Winning the Game:

  • The player or team with the most points after all rounds have been played is the winner.

Strategy Tips:

  1. Focus on Your Card: Concentrate on the objects on your card to quickly identify them in the bowl.

  2. Stay Organized: Keep your found tiles organized to easily compare them with your card.

  3. Speed and Accuracy: Work quickly but make sure to accurately match the tiles to your card to avoid mistakes.

"I Spy Dig In" is a fun and engaging game that enhances observation skills and quick thinking. It's perfect for family game nights and provides excitement and competition for players of all ages.

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