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Official Horse Race Board Game Rules

Horse Race is an exciting board game where players race their horses to the finish line, placing bets and strategizing to win. Here are the rules:


The objective of the Horse Race board game is to have your horse cross the finish line first or to win the most money through strategic betting.


  • Game board with a race track

  • Horse tokens (different colors or numbers)

  • Dice (typically two)

  • Betting slips or chips

  • Play money

  • Deck of action cards (optional, for advanced play)

  • Player pawns or markers


  1. Prepare the Board: Place the game board in the center of the playing area.

  2. Assign Horse Tokens: Each player chooses a horse token or is assigned one randomly.

  3. Place Horses: Position all horse tokens at the starting line.

  4. Distribute Money: Give each player an equal amount of play money to start with.

  5. Determine Starting Player: Decide who will go first by any agreed-upon method (e.g., highest roll of the dice).


  1. Placing Bets: Before the race begins, players place bets on which horse they think will win. Bets can be placed on their own horse or on others.

    • Players place their bets by writing them on betting slips or using chips/money.

    • The amount bet can vary based on house rules or player agreement.

  2. Starting the Race: The first player rolls the dice to move their horse.

    • Movement: The number rolled on the dice indicates how many spaces the horse moves forward.

    • Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their horses accordingly.

  3. Special Spaces: Some spaces on the track may have special instructions (e.g., move back two spaces, roll again, etc.). Follow these instructions when landed on.

  4. Action Cards (Optional): If using action cards, draw a card at specific intervals or when landing on certain spaces. Follow the instructions on the card.

Betting Payouts

  • Win: The player who bet on the winning horse receives a payout based on the odds or the agreed-upon betting rules.

  • Second and Third: Some variations of the game may also pay out for second and third place horses.

Winning the Game

  • First to Finish: The game ends when the first horse crosses the finish line. The player with that horse wins the race.

  • Most Money: Alternatively, the winner can be determined by the player with the most money after a set number of races.

Additional Rules

  • Photo Finish: In case of a tie (two horses crossing the finish line at the same time), a "photo finish" roll-off can determine the winner.

  • Strategic Play: Players may implement strategies based on the positions of other horses and their own bets.

Horse Race is a thrilling game of chance and strategy, perfect for parties and family gatherings. With betting, dice rolling, and the excitement of a race, it offers endless fun and suspense.

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