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Official Horrified Rules

Horrified is a cooperative board game for 1-5 players where you work together to defeat classic horror movie monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, and the Wolf Man. Here's a breakdown of the rules to help you vanquish these iconic terrors:


  • Game Board depicting a village under siege by monsters

  • Monster Mats (one for each monster)

  • Monster Figures

  • Hero Badges and Movers (one set for each player)

  • Villager Movers

  • Item Tokens (used to defeat monsters)

  • Terror Marker (tracks village fear)

  • Frenzy Marker (tracks monster aggression)

  • Monster Cards (detail monster weaknesses)

  • Perk Cards (provide temporary hero abilities)

  • Reference Cards (summarize rules)

  • Item Bag (to draw tokens from blindly)

  • Dice


Cooperate as heroes to defeat all the monsters before the Terror Marker reaches the final space on the track. If the Terror Marker reaches the end, the monsters win and the village is doomed!


  1. Choose Your Heroes: Each player selects a hero and takes the corresponding badge, mover, and any starting items indicated on the hero badge.

  2. Place the Monsters: Choose the difficulty level (beginner, normal, hard) which determines which monsters to use.  Place their monster mats and figures on designated areas of the board.

  3. Set Up Terror and Frenzy Tracks:  Place the Terror Marker on the starting space and the Frenzy Marker on the space corresponding to the first monster (indicated on their monster mat).

  4. Shuffle Monster and Perk Decks:  Create separate decks for the Monster Cards and Perk Cards. Shuffle them well and place them face down near the board.

  5. Draw Items: Draw the number of item tokens indicated on the game board and place them face down in the Item Bag.


The game follows a day/night cycle with specific actions for each phase:

Day Phase (Players' Turn):

  1. Roll the Dice:  Each player rolls the dice according to their hero's ability (usually 2-3 dice).

  2. Resolve Dice Actions:  Match the rolled symbols on the dice with the actions on your hero badge or the game board. These actions might include:

    • Move: Move your hero mover around the village to fight monsters or collect villagers.

    • Attack: Spend dice symbols to damage monsters according to their weaknesses listed on the Monster Cards.

    • Pick Up Items:  Move to a space with an item token and spend an action to draw a token from the Item Bag (blindly) and add it to your collection.

    • Share: If two heroes are in the same space, they can share items freely.

    • Special Action: Some heroes have unique abilities activated by specific dice symbols.

  3. Draw a Perk Card (Optional): After resolving your actions, you may choose to draw a Perk Card from the deck.  These cards provide temporary benefits like extra movement, bonus attacks, or improved item effects.

Night Phase (Monster's Turn):

  1. Monster Actions:  The monster with the Frenzy Marker activates.  Resolve its special ability as described on its Monster Mat. This might involve attacking heroes, moving villagers closer to the Terror track, or increasing the Frenzy Marker.

  2. Monster Card Draw (Optional):  Depending on the difficulty level, you might draw a Monster Card for the active monster.  This card can introduce a new challenge or force the heroes to take additional actions.

  3. Frenzy Marker Movement:  Move the Frenzy Marker to the next monster mat in clockwise order.  This monster will be the active monster during the next Night Phase.

Winning the Game:

The heroes win by defeating all the monsters before the Terror Marker reaches the final space on the track.  You defeat a monster by reducing its health to zero using attacks and item effects.

Losing the Game:

The heroes lose if the Terror Marker reaches the final space on the track, signifying the village has succumbed to terror.

Additional Tips:

  • Communication is Key:  Discuss strategies with your fellow heroes. Decide who will focus on fighting monsters, collecting items, or rescuing villagers.

  • Manage the Terror Track: Don't neglect the Terror Marker. If a monster gets close to the village, prioritize actions that reduce the Terror level.

  • Utilize Items Wisely:  Each item has a specific use against certain monsters. Learn their effects and use them strategically to maximize their effectiveness.

  • Adapt Your Strategy:  As the Frenzy Marker moves and different monsters become active, adjust your tactics to counter their unique abilities.

Horrified is a thrilling cooperative game where players must use strategy and teamwork to defeat classic monsters. Enjoy the challenge and the spooky adventure!

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