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Official HeroQuest Game Rules

HeroQuest is a classic fantasy adventure board game where players embark on quests, battle monsters, and explore dungeons in search of treasure. Here are the rules:


The objective of HeroQuest varies depending on the scenario being played. It may involve completing specific objectives, defeating a final boss, or acquiring treasure.


  • Game board featuring rooms, corridors, and other dungeon elements.

  • Character sheets representing different heroes.

  • Monster figures representing enemies.

  • Equipment cards, treasure cards, and spell cards.

  • Dice for combat and other actions.

  • Instruction manual and scenario book.


  1. Choose a scenario from the scenario book and set up the game board accordingly.

  2. Each player selects a hero character and takes the corresponding character sheet.

  3. Place monster figures, treasure cards, and other tokens as instructed by the scenario.

  4. Prepare equipment cards and spell cards for each hero.

  5. Designate a player to be the Game Master (optional).


  1. Players take turns moving their heroes through the dungeon, exploring rooms, and encountering enemies.

  2. When a hero enters a new room or corridor, the Game Master reveals any hidden elements and resolves any encounters or traps.

  3. Combat occurs when a hero encounters a monster. Players roll dice to determine the outcome of attacks and defenses.

  4. Heroes can collect treasure, equipment, and other rewards as they progress through the dungeon.

  5. The game continues until the scenario's objective is completed or until all heroes are defeated.

Additional Rules

  • Combat: Combat is resolved using dice rolls, with heroes and monsters having different stats and abilities.

  • Magic and Spells: Some heroes may have access to spells, which can be cast using spell cards.

  • Experience and Leveling Up: Heroes may gain experience points and level up, increasing their abilities and powers.

  • Variants and Expansions: HeroQuest has various expansions and homebrew rules that add new scenarios, characters, and gameplay mechanics.

Winning the Game

The game's outcome depends on the scenario being played. The heroes may win by completing their objectives, defeating the final boss, or acquiring a certain amount of treasure. The Game Master may win by defeating all the heroes.

HeroQuest offers a rich and immersive gaming experience, allowing players to immerse themselves in epic quests, battles, and adventures in a fantasy world filled with danger and treasure. Enjoy the thrill of exploration and combat as you embark on heroic journeys with your fellow adventurers!

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