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Official Guess Who? Board Game Rules

Guess Who? is a classic two-player guessing game where players try to deduce which character their opponent has selected by asking yes-or-no questions. Here are the basic rules:


The goal is to be the first player to correctly guess the identity of the character chosen by the opponent.


  • Game Board: A board with a grid of character faces.

  • Character Cards: Cards with pictures of different characters.

  • Selection Cards: Cards to help players keep track of the character chosen by their opponent.

  • Divider: A barrier to prevent players from seeing each other's character cards.

  • Question Cards: Optional cards with suggested questions to ask.


  1. Each player chooses a game board and places it in front of them.

  2. Shuffle the character cards and deal one to each player. This is the character that the opponent must guess.

  3. Each player secretly looks at their character card and slides it into the selection card without showing their opponent.

  4. Place the divider between the players so they cannot see each other's game boards.


  1. The starting player asks a yes-or-no question about their opponent's character (e.g., "Does your character have glasses?").

  2. The opponent answers "yes" or "no" based on their character card and eliminates characters from their board accordingly.

  3. The players take turns asking questions and narrowing down the possibilities until one player is confident enough to make a guess.

  4. To make a guess, a player states the name of the character they believe their opponent has chosen (e.g., "Is your character Alex?").

  5. If the guess is correct, the guessing player wins the game. If incorrect, the game continues until someone makes another correct guess.


  • Question Cards: Use optional question cards with suggested questions to ask if players need inspiration.

  • Themed Versions: Play Guess Who? with themed character sets, such as animals, famous people, or movie characters.

  • Customized Versions: Create your own character cards with pictures of family members, friends, or fictional characters.


  • Ask questions that help narrow down the possibilities quickly, such as focusing on distinct features like hair color, accessories, or facial hair.

  • Pay attention to the opponent's reactions to your questions to gauge whether they are bluffing or providing genuine answers.

  • Keep track of the information revealed by your opponent's answers to make educated guesses.

Hasbro Gaming Guess Who? Board Game, with People and Pets Cards, The Original Guessing Game for Kids, Ages 6 and Up is a fun and engaging game that challenges players' deduction skills and strategic thinking. Enjoy the thrill of trying to guess your opponent's character while keeping your own identity a secret!

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