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Official Foldology Rules

Foldology is a unique puzzle game that combines the art of origami with brain-teasing challenges. Here's a breakdown of the rules to get you started on your folding journey:

Number of Players:  Designed for solo play, but can be enjoyed with friends or family in a competitive or collaborative way (explained later).

Objective:  Fold the square sheet of paper into a smaller square according to the instructions, while simultaneously creating a complete picture on the opposite side.


  • Foldology puzzle booklet with perforated pages, each containing a unique puzzle.

  • (Optional) A flat surface for folding


  1. Tear Out a Puzzle: Carefully tear out a single puzzle page from the booklet along the perforations.

  2. Choose Your Folding Side: Decide which side of the puzzle you want to focus on first - the picture side or the grid side (explained later).


Foldology challenges you to manipulate the square paper into a smaller square shape while revealing a hidden picture. Here's how it unfolds:

  • Grid Lines: The puzzle sheet will typically have a grid of lines on one side. These lines serve as guides for your folding.

  • Picture Side: The other side of the puzzle sheet usually features a partially revealed picture. As you fold the paper according to the grid lines, the picture on this side will gradually come together.

  • Folding Techniques: The folds you need to make can be simple (mountain folds or valley folds) or more complex (diagonal folds). The specific folds required for each puzzle are not explicitly shown but need to be deduced by analyzing the grid lines and the emerging picture.

Tips and Strategies:

  • Start Simple: Begin with the earlier puzzles in the booklet, as they typically have fewer folds and a gentler learning curve.

  • Observe the Grid: Pay close attention to the grid lines and how they intersect. This will give you clues about where folds might be needed.

  • Think Ahead: Try to visualize the final folded shape and how the picture should look on the opposite side. This can help you plan your folding sequence.

  • Experiment and Unfold: Don't be afraid to experiment with different folds. If something doesn't seem right, you can always unfold the paper and try again.

Winning the Game:

The true satisfaction in Foldology comes from successfully folding the paper into the required shape and revealing the complete picture on the opposite side. There's no set time limit or competition element in solo play. However, you can challenge yourself to complete puzzles faster with each attempt.


  • Group Play (Collaborative): You can work on a Foldology puzzle together with friends or family. Take turns suggesting folds and discuss the emerging picture to solve the puzzle collaboratively.

  • Group Play (Competitive): Divide players into teams and have them race to complete their individual Foldology puzzles. The first team to finish a puzzle correctly wins the round.

Foldology offers a unique blend of origami fun and brain-teasing challenges. With its engaging puzzles and the satisfaction of seeing a hidden picture emerge through your folds, it's a perfect game for anyone who enjoys a good mental workout and a touch of creativity.

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