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Official Farkle Rules

Farkle is a fun and fast-paced dice game that combines luck and strategy. Here's a breakdown of the rules to get you rolling:

Objective: The goal of Farkle is to be the first player to score 10,000 points by rolling dice and achieving various scoring combinations.


  • Six six-sided dice

  • Score sheets and a pen


  1. Each player rolls one die. The player with the highest roll goes first.

  2. Play proceeds clockwise around the table.


  1. Rolling the Dice:

    • On your turn, roll all six dice.

    • After each roll, you must set aside one or more scoring dice (see Scoring Combinations below). You can then either:

      • Continue rolling the remaining dice to increase your score.

      • Stop and bank your points for that turn.

  2. Scoring Combinations:

    • Single 1: 100 points

    • Single 5: 50 points

    • Three 1s (Triple 1s): 1,000 points

    • Three 2s: 200 points

    • Three 3s: 300 points

    • Three 4s: 400 points

    • Three 5s: 500 points

    • Three 6s: 600 points

    • Four of a Kind: 1,000 points

    • Five of a Kind: 2,000 points

    • Six of a Kind: 3,000 points

    • Straight (1-2-3-4-5-6): 1,500 points

    • Three Pairs: 1,500 points

    • Two Triplets: 2,500 points

  3. Farkle:

    • If you roll the dice and do not get any scoring combinations, you "Farkle" and score zero points for that turn. Your turn ends immediately, and you lose any points accumulated during that turn.

  4. Continuing Rolls:

    • If you set aside scoring dice and decide to continue rolling, you roll the remaining dice. If you score again, you can set aside those scoring dice and choose to roll the remaining dice or stop and bank your points.

    • If you set aside all six dice as scoring dice, you may roll all six dice again and continue your turn.

  5. Banking Points:

    • At any point in your turn, you can choose to stop rolling and bank the points you've accumulated. These points are added to your total score.

Winning the Game:

  • The game continues until a player reaches or exceeds 10,000 points. When a player reaches 10,000 points, every other player gets one final turn to try and beat that score. The player with the highest score after the final round wins the game.

Optional Rules:

  1. Final Round:

    • When a player reaches 10,000 points, each other player gets one final turn to try and surpass that score.

  2. Hot Dice:

    • If you score with all six dice in a single roll, you get to roll all six dice again and add the new score to your current turn's score.

  3. Threshold for Scoring:

    • Some variations require that you must score at least 500 points in a turn before you can start banking points.

  4. Pass the Pigs:

    • Instead of banking points, you can pass your turn along with the accumulated points to the next player. If the next player Farkles, they lose all the points you've accumulated for them.

So grab some dice, gather your friends and family, and get ready for a roll-and-score challenge with Farkle!

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