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Official Don't Spill The Beans Rules

"Don't Spill the Beans" is a fun and suspenseful game designed for young children. The objective is to add beans to a tipping pot without causing it to spill. Here’s how to play:


  • 1 Bean Pot: A plastic pot that tips over when too many beans are added.

  • Beans: Plastic beans to be added to the pot.

  • 2 Tipping Platforms: Hold the pot and allow it to tip over.

  • Instructions: For setting up and playing the game.


The goal of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your beans without spilling the pot. The player who causes the pot to spill loses the round.


  1. Place the Pot:

    • Set up the tipping platforms and place the bean pot on top of them.

  2. Divide the Beans:

    • Divide the beans equally among all players.

    • Each player should have the same number of beans.


  1. Starting the Game:

    • Choose a starting player by any preferred method (e.g., youngest player, roll a die, etc.).

    • Play proceeds clockwise.

  2. Taking Turns:

    • On each turn, a player adds one bean to the pot.

    • The bean must be carefully placed in the pot without causing it to tip over.

    • Players continue to take turns adding one bean at a time.

  3. Spilling the Beans:

    • If a player adds a bean and the pot tips over, spilling the beans, that player loses the round.

    • The spilled beans are collected by the player who caused the spill.

Winning the Game:

  • The game continues until one player has successfully gotten rid of all their beans without causing the pot to spill.

  • The first player to get rid of all their beans wins the game.

Strategy Tips:

  1. Place Beans Carefully: Add beans gently to avoid making the pot unstable.

  2. Balance the Pot: Try to place beans in a way that balances the weight evenly.

  3. Watch Opponents: Pay attention to how many beans the pot can hold before it spills and plan your moves accordingly.

"Don't Spill the Beans" is a simple and entertaining game that helps develop fine motor skills and strategic thinking in young children. It’s perfect for family game nights and provides lots of laughs and excitement.

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