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Official Don't Rock The Boat Rules

"Don't Rock the Boat" is a balance and dexterity game where players take turns placing pirate-themed pieces on a wobbly ship without causing it to tip over. Here’s how to play:


  • 1 Pirate Ship: A wobbly ship that balances on a wave.

  • Pirate Pieces: Various pirate-themed figures and objects (pirates, treasure, parrots, etc.).

  • 1 Wave: A base that the ship balances on.

  • Instructions: For setting up and playing the game.


The goal is to be the player who successfully places the last pirate piece on the ship without causing it to tip over.


  1. Assemble the Ship:

    • Place the wave base on a flat surface.

    • Set the pirate ship on top of the wave so it can rock back and forth.

  2. Distribute the Pirate Pieces:

    • Divide the pirate pieces evenly among all players. If there are extra pieces, set them aside.

  3. Determine the First Player:

    • Decide who goes first by any preferred method (e.g., youngest player, roll a die, etc.).


  1. Starting the Game:

    • The first player begins by placing one of their pirate pieces anywhere on the ship.

    • Play proceeds clockwise.

  2. Taking Turns:

    • On each turn, a player must place one of their pirate pieces on the ship.

    • Players can place pieces anywhere on the ship, but must be careful not to unbalance it.

    • Players continue to take turns placing pieces on the ship.

  3. Balancing the Ship:

    • If a player causes the ship to tip and any pieces fall off, that player must pick up all the fallen pieces and add them to their collection.

    • The game then continues with the next player.

Winning the Game:

  • The game continues until a player successfully places the last of their pieces on the ship without causing it to tip over.

  • The first player to place all their pieces on the ship wins the game.

Strategy Tips:

  1. Distribute Weight Evenly: Try to place pieces in a way that balances the weight on the ship evenly.

  2. Watch the Ship's Movement: Pay attention to how the ship rocks with each piece added to plan your next move.

  3. Use Smaller Pieces Strategically: Place smaller pieces in trickier spots to maintain balance.

"Don't Rock the Boat" is a fun and challenging game that encourages strategic thinking and fine motor skills. It's perfect for family game nights and provides plenty of suspense and laughter.

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