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Official "Don't Break The Ice" Rules

"Don't Break the Ice" is a classic children's game where players take turns tapping out blocks of ice without letting the penguin fall. The goal is to keep the penguin on top of the ice as long as possible. Here are the rules:


  • Game Board Frame: Holds the ice blocks.

  • Ice Blocks: Plastic blocks that fit into the game board frame.

  • 1 Penguin Figure: The penguin that stands on the ice blocks.

  • 2 Mallets: Small plastic hammers used to tap out the ice blocks.


The goal is to keep the penguin standing on the ice. The player who makes the penguin fall through the ice loses the game.


  1. Assemble the Game Board:

    • Place the game board frame on a flat surface.

    • Insert the ice blocks into the frame to form a solid grid of ice.

  2. Position the Penguin:

    • Place the penguin figure on the center block of ice.


  1. Starting the Game:

    • Decide who goes first by any preferred method (e.g., youngest player, roll a die, etc.).

    • Play proceeds clockwise.

  2. Taking Turns:

    • On each turn, a player uses a mallet to tap out one block of ice from the game board.

    • The player can tap out any block of ice except the block directly under the penguin if there are other blocks supporting the penguin.

  3. Continue Play:

    • Players take turns tapping out one block of ice at a time.

    • If the penguin stays on top, play continues to the next player.

Winning the Game:

  • The game continues until the penguin falls through the ice.

  • The player who makes the penguin fall loses the game.

  • The remaining players win.

Strategy Tips:

  1. Tap Gently: Use gentle taps to avoid disturbing the stability of the ice blocks.

  2. Plan Moves: Think ahead and try to predict which blocks are crucial for supporting the penguin.

  3. Observe the Ice Structure: Pay attention to which blocks have already been removed and how it affects the remaining ice.

"Don't Break the Ice" is a simple yet exciting game that helps develop hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking in children. It's perfect for family game nights and provides lots of fun and suspense.

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