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Official Death at the Dive Bar Rules

Death at the Dive Bar by Hunt A Killer is a murder mystery game where players work together to solve a fictional crime. Below are the rules and an overview of how to play:

Objective: Solve the murder by investigating the crime scene, analyzing evidence, and uncovering the motive, means, and opportunity of the suspects.

Players: 1-5 players.


  • Case File (with suspect profiles and background information)

  • Evidence (such as notes, maps, photos, and other physical items)

  • Puzzles and Clues

  • Solution Envelope (contains the final solution, only to be opened when players believe they have solved the case)


  1. Unbox the Game:

    • Carefully unpack all game components.

    • Ensure you have all necessary items, including the case file, evidence, and clues.

  2. Read the Introduction:

    • Start by reading the case introduction provided in the game. This sets the stage for the investigation and provides initial information about the crime and suspects.

  3. Examine the Evidence:

    • Spread out all evidence and documents. Each player can take a piece of evidence or document to read and examine closely.

Gameplay: The game is played in a freeform manner where players collaboratively analyze the evidence, discuss theories, and piece together the clues to solve the murder. There are no set turns or phases.

  1. Review Suspect Profiles:

    • Study the profiles of each suspect, including their backgrounds, potential motives, and alibis.

  2. Analyze Clues:

    • Look at all the physical evidence provided. This might include letters, photographs, maps, objects, and other items.

    • Pay attention to details that might link suspects to the crime or provide an alibi.

  3. Solve Puzzles:

    • Some clues might require solving puzzles or deciphering codes. Work together to solve these challenges as they often reveal crucial information.

  4. Discuss Theories:

    • Collaborate and discuss your findings with other players. Formulate theories about who committed the crime, how, and why.

  5. Verify Evidence:

    • Cross-reference evidence with suspects’ statements and alibis. Look for inconsistencies or corroborating details.

Solving the Case:

  1. Identify the Killer:

    • Once you feel confident in your solution, identify who you believe the killer is and the motive behind the crime.

  2. Open the Solution Envelope:

    • Open the sealed solution envelope to see if your deductions were correct. The envelope will contain the true identity of the killer and the details of how and why the crime was committed.

Winning the Game:

  • Successfully identify the killer and understand the motive, means, and opportunity.

Losing the Game:

  • There is no formal losing condition. The game is about the experience and collaboration. If you cannot solve the mystery, you can review the solution to see where you might have missed clues or made incorrect assumptions.

Special Tips:

  • Pay close attention to detail. Small clues can be crucial.

  • Communicate openly with your fellow investigators. Sharing insights can lead to breakthroughs.

  • Take notes as you play to keep track of important details and theories.

Death at the Dive Bar is an immersive and interactive murder mystery game that challenges players to think critically and work together to solve a complex crime. Enjoy the process of investigation and deduction.

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