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Official Dabble Rules

Dabble word game is a brain teaser that will not only help you challenge yourself but also offer a fun way to spend time with friends and family. Here's how to play:

Number of Players: 2-4 players

Objective: Be the first player (or team) to score a certain number of points (usually 500 points) by creating five specific words within a time limit.


  • Game board (optional, some versions use scoring tracks)

  • Bag of letter tiles (142 tiles with various letters and point values)

  • Sand timer (usually 5 minutes)

  • Player mats or scoring sheets (optional)

  • Pencils (optional, some versions use scoring tracks)


  1. Place the Timer: Put the sand timer in a central location where everyone can see it.

  2. Shuffle the Tiles:  Empty the bag of letter tiles and mix them thoroughly.

  3. Draw Tiles:  Each player draws 20 tiles face down from the bag and keeps them hidden from other players (some variations might use tile holders).


The game is played in rounds. Here's what happens in each round:

  • Start the Timer: One player flips the sand timer to begin the round.

  • Form Your Words:  During the 5-minute time limit, players use their letter tiles to form five specific words:

    • One word with 2 letters

    • One word with 3 letters

    • One word with 4 letters

    • One word with 5 letters

    • One word with 6 letters

Word Creation:

  • You can arrange your tiles to form any word you like, as long as it's a valid word found in a standard dictionary (no proper nouns, abbreviations, or hyphenated words).

  • Words can be formed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally connecting adjacent letters on your tiles.

  • You cannot use the same letter tile more than once in a single word.

End of Round:

  • When the sand timer runs out, the round ends.

  • Players stop creating words and reveal their formed words to others.


  • Each player calculates their score for the round based on two factors:

    • Word Completion: You score points for each of the five required word lengths you successfully created (e.g., 2 points for a completed 2-letter word).

    • Used Tile Value:  Add up the point values printed on each letter tile you used in your completed words. Point values are typically higher for less common letters.

Optional Scoring Methods:

  • Some versions might use a scoring board where players mark completed word lengths and accumulate points throughout the game.

  • Team play might be used where players form teams and collaborate to create the required words, with the team scoring based on their combined points.

Challenge Words (Optional):

  • In some variations, players can challenge the validity of another player's word. If the challenged word is found to be invalid, the challenger scores bonus points, and the player with the invalid word loses points.

Winning the Game:

  • The game continues for multiple rounds until a player (or team) reaches the designated target score (usually 500 points). That player or team wins the game!

Additional Notes:

  • Dabble is a fast-paced and exciting game that tests your vocabulary and wordplay skills.

  • Some versions might include additional rules or variations, such as bonus points for specific letter combinations or using all your tiles in a word.

  • The game can be adjusted for younger players by reducing the number of required word lengths or using a shorter timer.

So grab your letter tiles, set the timer, and see if you can Dabble your way to victory!

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