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Official Cootie Rules

"Cootie" is a classic children’s game where players assemble a cootie bug from various body parts. The game combines luck and basic strategy, making it suitable for young players.


  • Cootie Body Parts:

    • 4 bodies (one for each player)

    • 4 heads

    • 4 sets of eyes (2 eyes per set)

    • 4 sets of antennas (2 antennas per set)

    • 4 sets of mouthpieces

    • 4 sets of legs (6 legs per set)

  • Die: A standard six-sided die.


The objective of the game is to be the first player to completely assemble a cootie bug by collecting all the necessary parts.


  1. Distribute Bodies:

    • Each player receives one cootie body.

  2. Pile the Parts:

    • Place all the cootie parts (heads, eyes, antennas, mouthpieces, and legs) in the center of the playing area.

  3. Determine Starting Player:

    • Choose a player to go first. This can be done randomly, such as by rolling the die, with the highest roll starting first.


  1. Rolling the Die:

    • On your turn, roll the die and collect the part corresponding to the number rolled.

    • The die numbers correspond to the parts as follows:

      • 1: Body (not used since each player already has a body)

      • 2: Head

      • 3: Antenna (two needed)

      • 4: Eye (two needed)

      • 5: Mouthpiece

      • 6: Leg (six needed)

  2. Part Collection Rules:

    • Head First: Before collecting any other parts, you must roll a 2 to get the head.

    • Antenna and Eyes: After obtaining a head, you can collect antennas and eyes.

    • Mouthpiece: After obtaining a head, you can also collect the mouthpiece.

    • Legs: Legs can only be collected after obtaining the head. You need a total of six legs.

  3. Assembling the Cootie:

    • As you collect each part, attach it to your cootie body.

    • Continue taking turns rolling the die and collecting parts.

Special Rules:

  1. Rolling a Number You Don't Need:

    • If you roll a number that corresponds to a part you already have or cannot yet collect (e.g., rolling a 3 before getting a head), your turn ends without collecting a part.

  2. Completing the Cootie:

    • The first player to assemble a complete cootie with a head, two antennas, two eyes, a mouthpiece, and six legs wins the game.

Winning the Game:

  • The game ends when a player successfully assembles a complete cootie bug.

  • The first player to do so is declared the winner.

Strategy Tips:

  1. Focus on the Head First: Since you need a head before collecting most other parts, prioritize rolling for a 2.

  2. Multiple Tries for Legs: Remember that you need to roll multiple 6s to collect all six legs, so aim for those as soon as you have the head.

  3. Patience and Luck: The game is largely luck-based, so enjoy the process and be patient with your rolls.

"Cootie" is a simple yet entertaining game that helps young children with counting and fine motor skills. The colorful, whimsical nature of the cootie bugs makes the game enjoyable for kids!

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