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Official Concentration (Memory) Dominoes Rules

Concentration, also known as Memory or Pelmanism, is a classic memory game that can be adapted using dominoes instead of cards. Here's how to play Concentration with dominoes:

Number of Players:  Typically played by 2 players, but can be adjusted for more players (explained later).

Objective: Be the player who accumulates the most pairs of dominoes by correctly matching their pips (dots) after they are flipped face down.


  • Double-six domino set (28 dominoes)


  1. Shuffle the Dominoes: Mix all the dominoes face down on the table.

  2. Deal the Dominoes: Depending on the number of players:

    • 2 Players:  Flip all dominoes face down and arrange them in a rectangular grid (e.g., 4 rows of 7 dominoes). Leave some space between each domino for easy flipping.

    • More Players (Optional):  For more than 2 players, you can either:

      • Increase the number of dominoes used (if you have another set).

      • Deal a smaller hand to each player, keeping the remaining dominoes face down as a draw pile for when players make a match.


Concentration is a turn-taking game that relies on memory and strategic flipping:

  1. Turns: Players take turns in a clockwise direction.

  2. Flipping Dominoes:

    • On your turn, you will flip over any two face-down dominoes from the grid (or draw pile if playing with more than 2 players).

    • The goal is to find two dominoes that have the same number of pips (a matching pair).

  3. Matching Pairs:

    • If the two dominoes you flipped reveal a matching pair (same number of pips on both sides), you win the pair and keep them face up in front of you. You get another turn.

    • If the two dominoes you flipped don't match, simply flip them back face down in their original positions and the turn passes to the next player.

4. Remembering Positions:

  • The key to winning Concentration is memorizing the positions of the dominoes you've already seen. This helps you choose dominoes that might be a potential match based on what you've previously flipped.

5. End of Game:

  • The game ends when all the dominoes have been revealed in matching pairs.

Winning the Game:

  • The player with the most number of matching pairs wins the game!


  • Time Limit:  For a faster-paced game, you can introduce a time limit for each turn (e.g., using a timer or hourglass).

  • Points:  Instead of simply collecting pairs, you can assign points to different dominoes based on their value (e.g., higher double dominoes = more points). The player with the most points at the end wins.

Tips and Strategies:

  • Pay Attention: Focus on the dominoes you flip, especially their positions on the grid. This will help you remember where potential matches might be.

  • Strategic Flips:  As the game progresses, try to choose dominoes that are strategically located near previously flipped dominoes, increasing your chance of finding a match.

  • Play with a Partner (More Players):  If playing with more than 2 players, consider playing in teams. This allows for communication and strategizing between teammates to remember domino placements.

Concentration with dominoes offers a fun and challenging memory test that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. So shuffle those dominoes, flip them over, and see who has the sharpest memory!

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