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Official Chicken Rules

Chicken! is a light and exciting dice game by Keymaster Games, perfect for families and groups of 2-8 players. It's a game of press-your-luck and quick turns, where you roll dice to collect chickens, hatch more dice, and avoid those pesky foxes!


  • Game Board (depicting a farmyard scene)

  • Dice (typically a set of 12 engraved dice) - May vary depending on the version (deluxe edition might have more)

  • Player Tokens (representing farmers)

  • Chicken Dice (with chicken symbols)

  • Egg Dice (with egg symbols)

  • Fox Dice (with fox symbols)

  • Game Board Tokens (might include items like fences or scarecrows) - May vary depending on the version


Be the first player to reach 25 points by collecting the most chicken dice throughout the game.


  1. Unfold the Game Board: Place the game board in the center of the playing area.

  2. Prepare the Dice: Shuffle the chicken dice, egg dice, and fox dice (if applicable) in separate piles. Depending on the number of players, you might use a specific number of dice from each pile (refer to the game instructions).

  3. Choose Your Farmer: Each player selects a player token and places it on the starting space on the game board.

  4. Place Game Board Tokens (Optional): If your version includes game board tokens like fences or scarecrows, place them on the designated spaces following the instructions.


The game follows a quick and engaging turn structure:

  1. Roll the Dice: On your turn, roll all the chicken dice and egg dice available in the pool (depending on the game state and previous actions).

  2. Collect Chickens: Set aside any chicken dice you rolled. These chickens contribute points towards your goal.

  3. Hatch More Dice (Optional): For each egg die you rolled, you can choose to "hatch" it by adding a new die from the egg dice pile to the pool. However, hatching more dice increases the risk of rolling foxes in the next round.

  4. Rerolling the Dice (Optional): This is where the press-your-luck element comes in! You have the option to re-roll all the non-chicken, non-fox dice remaining in the pool. This allows you to potentially collect more chickens or hatch more eggs, but also carries the risk of rolling foxes.

  5. Decision Time:  Here's the gamble!  You can decide to stop rolling after any roll and keep the dice you've collected (chickens and any hatched dice that aren't foxes).  Or, you can push your luck and keep re-rolling, hoping for more chickens or eggs. But beware...

  6. Beware the Foxes!: If you ever roll three fox symbols during your turn (including re-rolls), your turn immediately ends, and you score zero points for that round. All the dice you rolled (except the fox dice) go back to the appropriate piles.

Moving Around the Board:

Some versions of Chicken! might have spaces on the game board that trigger special actions or award benefits when you land on them. Refer to the specific instructions for your version to understand these movement mechanics.

Chicken Out!:

The game cleverly introduces a bit of social interaction.  At the beginning of your turn, you have the option to take a one-point penalty and "chicken out." This resets the dice pool to the starting number of dice (usually 4) and eliminates the risk of rolling foxes in that turn. This "chicken out" option adds a playful layer to the game, where players might encourage each other to take the safe route or tempt them to roll for potentially higher rewards.

Winning the Game:

The first player to reach 25 points by collecting chicken dice wins the game!

Tips and Strategies:

  • Manage Your Luck:  While rolling more dice can be tempting, be mindful of the risk of rolling foxes. Knowing when to stop re-rolling is crucial.

  • Hatching Wisely:  Decide strategically when to hatch eggs. Adding more dice to the pool increases your chances of both good and bad rolls.

  • The Power of "Chicken Out!": Don't underestimate the "chicken out" option. It can be a wise choice to guarantee some points and avoid a disastrous fox roll.

  • Observe and Adapt: Pay attention to what other players are rolling and consider adjusting your strategy accordingly.

With a dash of luck, strategic decisions, and maybe a little bit of "chicken-ness," you can become the champion chicken collector in Chicken!

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