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Official Chameleon Board Game Rules

"The Chameleon" is a social deduction game where players try to identify the hidden Chameleon among them. Here are the basic rules for playing:

Game Components:

  • Topic Cards: Cards with a list of related words.

  • Code Cards: Cards that show a code grid.

  • Chameleon Card: A card that identifies the player as the Chameleon.

  • Die: Two six-sided dice used to determine the coordinates on the code card.

  • Dry-Erase Markers and Boards: For each player to write down clues.


  1. Distribute Cards: Deal one code card to each player except one, who receives the Chameleon card.

  2. Select a Topic Card: Place a topic card in the center of the table where all players can see it.

  3. Determine the Secret Word: Roll the dice to determine the coordinates on the code card. All players with code cards use these coordinates to find the secret word on the topic card.


  1. Find the Secret Word: Players with code cards identify the secret word using the coordinates rolled.

  2. Chameleon Bluffing: The player with the Chameleon card does not know the secret word and must bluff to avoid detection.

  3. Give Clues: Each player writes a one-word clue related to the secret word on their dry-erase board and then reveals their clue to the group.

  4. Discussion and Deduction: Players discuss the clues to identify who they think is the Chameleon. The Chameleon tries to blend in by providing a plausible clue.

  5. Voting: After discussion, players vote on who they think the Chameleon is.

Voting Outcome:

  1. If the Chameleon is Caught: If the Chameleon is identified correctly, they have one last chance to guess the secret word. If they guess correctly, they escape and win the round. If they guess incorrectly, the other players win the round.

  2. If the Chameleon Escapes Detection: If the majority does not identify the Chameleon, the Chameleon wins the round.


  • Points for Correct Identification: Players score points if they correctly identify the Chameleon.

  • Points for the Chameleon: The Chameleon scores points if they evade detection or if they successfully guess the secret word after being caught.

End of Game:

  • Play continues for a predetermined number of rounds or until a set point threshold is reached. The player with the most points at the end wins the game.

Strategy Tips:

  1. Subtle Clues: Provide clues that are subtle enough not to give away the secret word but clear enough to indicate you know it.

  2. Observation: Pay attention to other players' clues and discussions to identify inconsistencies or hesitation.

  3. Bluffing: As the Chameleon, listen carefully to the clues and use context to craft a plausible clue.

"The Chameleon" is a game of deduction, deception, and clever wordplay, making it an engaging and challenging experience for players.

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