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Official Cascadia Board Game Rules

"Cascadia" is a tile-laying and token-drafting game where players create their own unique landscapes and populate them with wildlife. Here are the basic rules for playing:

Game Components:

  • Habitat Tiles: Hexagonal tiles representing different types of terrain.

  • Wildlife Tokens: Tokens representing different animal species.

  • Scoring Cards: Cards that outline how each species scores points.

  • Wildlife Scoring Objectives: Cards with specific objectives for each animal.

  • Nature Tokens: Tokens used to modify drafting choices.

  • Starting Tile: A larger tile from which players begin their landscapes.

  • Score Trackers: Tokens or markers to keep track of players' scores.


  1. Distribute Starting Tiles: Each player takes one starting tile.

  2. Prepare Wildlife Tokens: Shuffle and place the wildlife tokens in a bag or container.

  3. Set Up Habitat Tiles: Shuffle the habitat tiles and create a face-down stack. Draw three tiles and place them face-up in the center of the play area.

  4. Set Up Scoring Cards: Select one scoring card for each type of wildlife and place them face-up where all players can see.

  5. Draw Wildlife Tokens: Draw four wildlife tokens from the bag and place them next to the face-up habitat tiles.

  6. Nature Tokens: Place the nature tokens within reach of all players.


  • The goal of "Cascadia" is to build the most harmonious and high-scoring landscape by placing habitat tiles and wildlife tokens according to the scoring objectives.


  1. Drafting: On a player's turn, they select one of the face-up habitat tiles along with the adjacent wildlife token.

  2. Placing Habitat Tiles: Place the chosen habitat tile adjacent to any tile already in their landscape.

  3. Placing Wildlife Tokens: Place the wildlife token on a habitat tile according to the animal placement rules specified on the scoring cards.

  4. Refilling the Board: Draw a new habitat tile and a new wildlife token to replace the ones taken, ensuring there are always three tiles and four tokens available.

  5. Nature Tokens: Players can use nature tokens to manipulate their drafting choices by either:

    • Taking any wildlife token without taking the corresponding habitat tile.

    • Discarding all wildlife tokens and drawing four new ones from the bag.


  1. Scoring Wildlife: At the end of the game, score points based on the scoring cards for each type of wildlife.

  2. Habitat Corridors: Score points for the largest contiguous areas of each habitat type in their landscape.

  3. Nature Tokens: Players may receive bonus points for any unused nature tokens.

End of Game:

  • The game ends when the habitat tile stack is depleted and players can no longer refill the three face-up tiles.

  • Final scoring is conducted, tallying points for wildlife arrangements and habitat corridors.

Winning the Game:

  • The player with the highest total score wins.

Strategy Tips:

  1. Plan Ahead: Consider how each tile and token placement will contribute to both your immediate and long-term goals.

  2. Balance Wildlife and Habitats: Focus on both wildlife patterns and contiguous habitat areas to maximize your scoring potential.

  3. Use Nature Tokens Wisely: Nature tokens can provide flexibility in drafting and placement, so use them strategically.

"Cascadia" combines strategy, planning, and a bit of luck, creating an engaging experience for players as they build beautiful and balanced landscapes.

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